Friday, September 24, 2021

September Bits n Pieces......

 I have been behind in reading and following my friend's blogs, life got in the way of dog minding, work, walking everyday and things in general. I looked at the calendar and was surprised that we were already towards the end of September. First month of Spring nearly gone.
My apologies to those who I follow.....think I am now up to date on reading/commenting.

The most exciting thing in my garden is the new foliage on my 3 Japanese Maple trees, at one stage I thought I had lost them but overnight buds appeared. All my Lavenders are flowering attracting many bees and the fruit trees have fruit budding after the blossom has fallen.

Harvey decided chasing a ball and flying like superman would be fun and ended up on the operating table with pins and metal in his back leg. No walking for the first 2 weeks, we minded him as Emma was in 14 day isolation after 450 staff were exposed to 2 covid cases at the hospital. She had thankfully 5 negative results in 10 days. 
On the 3rd week before he went home, I was allowed to walk him for 5 minutes at a time, 5 times a day. A vet visit 2 times a week to the other side of the city, was a nice change of scenery. One hyperactive dog certainly wanted a lot walking!!!

My Friday Mob group at Papermakers are unable to meet. We decided to work at home on gelli printing and zoomed to show our efforts.

Shelley Rhodes U.K.
I have been lucky to have done a 5 day workshop at Fibre Arts with Shelley in 2016. It was my favourite class and was thrilled when they announced she was the next artist to work with.

"From Here to There"
Shelley said "In this workshop your challenge is to record a walk in a linear way. You will do this by drawing, mark making and collecting. Your walk may be in the countryside, coast or garden or in an urban setting. 
Your drawings will use a range of media and added further marks using stitch."

My first walk was along our river in my local area. We added gesso and paint to stitched strips of fabrics. I decided to record manmade structures as several bridges cross the waterway. We were advised to stop every so often and take note of what was around us. I found so many marks to record that I didn't realise they were there.

My finished piece became a scroll attached to a clear plastic rod I found in the garage.

"Further Development"
The 2nd week was to use paper and mark making strip with pencils and paint.
I chose to walk along the foreshore and dirt path of Point Cook Homestead Coast Park that is within our 10km travel limit. It was a cold day, rugged up in a coat and beanie I strolled along taking note of the vegetation around us. 
Strips stuck together, 3" x 31" in length, were Korean paper, a business envelope, lined school book page and plain white paper. The lines across the continuous strip were done with my eyes closed and using my non writing hand (right instead of left). As I moved the blue and lead pencils I twisted and rolled the pencil. Added vegetation and marks were done in pencil and ink pen.
Fragmentation was cutting the length up into 2" x 3" pieces and then randomly shifted around.

I decided to present my walk in a book I made. The front cover (gelli printed) is the clean up sheet after I cleaned my brayer of excess paint. I thought the colours represented the beach and surrounding vegetation.

There are only 4 folded pages in my Coptic Bound book. I have a Canon MiniPriter that develops photos 2"x3" and thought these were perfect to show some of the scenery along the beach walk.

Take care everyone, the sun is shining here this afternoon with a cool breeze, off for my walk soon.