Sunday, July 4, 2021


 Week 31 - Haf Weighton, Wales

"Architectural Layering"
Haf said "In this workshop you will create a painted and hand stitched image of a building. You'll discover ways of interpreting buildings and learn some tricks for transcribing an image onto fabric.
You will lean about painted backgrounds."

The background method was to paint a strip of white watered down gesso across the middle of the fabric.
Choose a colour paint and dab a few blobs on the gesso and slowly scrape the paint across with an old credit card. This was to blend the paint randomly across the background.
The method of transferring was to use tissue paper to trace the building then stitch over.

I chose an ochre yellow shade as I wanted my background to represent the dapple sun coming up in the early morning and to blend with the pale colours of the sandstone buildings..
Again with this workshop, I strayed away from the brief.
I decided to choose a French village over just one building on a strip of paisley fabric.
Free motion stitching the image on the reverse side of the fabric is a method I enjoy especially as I didn't want the buildings to be formal with straight lines. After stitching, the paper is easy to tear away. 
Before stitching I collaged strips of fabric to represent a hedge though I decided not to represent the river. Derwent colour pencils to shade in the buildings. The village colours are very soft in France and this was wanted I to depict. 

"Further Development" - Week 2
A further building was to be added to the piece. I chose a church at the end of the village strip. 

A tree was added at each end of the image.
To lengthen the image, a piece of my handmade paper was added to each end.
6 1/4" x 6 3/4"
Concertina booklet
Connection - French village image
- Handmade paper from dried bearded iris leaves. In the majority of villages they were flowering
- Cover paper had a French label on the reverse side (bought in Japan)
- French language book found in op shop last year
- Envelope came with a postcard bought in Provence
The fabric was fused to paper on the reverse side to strengthen the booklet.
I enjoyed this workshop and as usual I made do with what I had in my stash.



  1. Another very interesting process. Having a further development each month seems to give time for reflection and consolidation. You must be very pleased with your result and the way you have worked your theme into every aspect of the book.

  2. Beautiful result! I love the way you incorporate memories of places you have been and items you have collected on your travels into your art.

  3. You are so creative! Love seeing your projects!

  4. While working this beautiful picture you must have travelled back in memory to France and all the charming things you saw there.

  5. You have made a charming village!