Monday, July 12, 2021


 One Friday a month we have a get together with 6 members of our Papermakers group. Sometimes we sit and chat for a catchup, other times we may do something. Our last meet up we did some leaf printing. I collected leaves within the grounds of of where we meet. 
Some prints will be put together to make a book with my handmade paper.
An old yellow and white pages telephone book.

Kitchen paper towel
Watercolour paper.
I wanted to see if something fine in texture would print, didn't have tissue paper on me so tried toilet paper.
Carole found some feathers. These worked very well.

All in the name of experimentation!! Trial and error. If you don't try it, you wouldn't know how they would turn out. I learnt not to ink the plate too heavy, change my rubber gloves every few prints and press the leaves to flatten longer than they were before printing.  Also which papers worked better than others.
I collected more leaves over the weekend to print this week. 


  1. I really like these. Very pretty and creative!

  2. They look terrific! A few of them look like delicate ink drawings.

  3. There is so much you can make with these prints. How lovely

  4. Beautiful images.
    The print is very clear even on the textured kitchen paper towel.
    Telephone directories are now antiquities. Who would have thought that when we were young?

  5. Very clean result on the watercolour paper, and so much detail. Looks like fun. I can imagine adding some pen and ink drawing of little creatures to these.

  6. I wonder how much longer telephone books will be printed.... Lovely looking leaves that we never see around here.