Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Observation- Inspiration

 I walk each day and have done so since the start of the year. Where I live I am very fortunate to have the river within walking distance surrounded by native trees and approximately 15 min drive down the road is the bay and small harbour. Both there areas have walking paths.
Surrounding my area there are many new housing estates being built. Our local council has built within these estates, walking paths and parks. I have many to choose from.

Native trees and flora are planted and I enjoy taking note with my camera many of them. Whenever we go for a weekend drive, the camera is the first thing packed.
I have enrolled in Fibre Arts Spring School in September to do a 5 day class making a book journal. We are to find something to inspire the book and I have decided to do my walks among the natives. I will also use my handmade paper.
Gum blossoms and gum nuts.

One of the local paths I walk.
Eucalyptus bark.
Toadstools and Banksia
Gum blossoms.
Bottle Brush.
This rusted wheel rim was has been lying on the front lawn of a house up the road. I would love to ask if I could wrap some fabric around it to rust dye.
Due to Covid, Fibre Arts Winter School 2 weeks ago was cancelled. The bookmaking class I enrolled in has rescheduled to Winter 2022.


  1. Gorgeous place to walk! I can see you have much to be inspired by.

  2. Definitely some lovely walks near you. Go on - ask….

  3. Beautiful photos of your walks.

    I forgot about the winter school. Sorry to hear it had to be cancelled. So far 2021 is as full of cancellations as 2020 was.

  4. Your photos are beautiful and show a clear colour palette. A great way to get inspired and off on your next creative journey. So sad that so much has been cancelled, but it hasn't stopped you exploring. Classes are great, at least they are rolling over until they can happen.

  5. Your flowers are so exotic to my eye, but I HAVE seen a bottle brush plant in Tokyo. It was a real show stopper.
    You are lucky to have a beautiful route for your daily walks, and plenty of inspiration for your future courses.

  6. The only flower I recognized was the Bottle Brush! We get those in California but the rest are a mystery to me!