Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Little Link Stitch Book

 I belong to a handmade online book club called Vintagepagedesigns. Each month they have a challenge to make a book according to their theme, July is "Bloom(s)". Also a monthly tutorial.

The Little Link Stitch Book tutorial looked quite intimidating though once I read through the instructions several times, found it was close to Coptic Stitch binding.  The only addition was a Kettle Stitch which I would have called a Half Hitch (learnt in my Girl Guide days).

BOOK 1 - 4" x 5"
As always, I made do with what I had in the drawers. 
Instead of card I used sheets of stationary paper and pages were photocopy paper. 
Each individual book was made up of a cover and 6 sheets of copy paper for the signatures.
Stitch A and E were a Kettle Stitch and B, C and D were Link Stitches.

BOOK 2 - 5" x 7"
Instead of using several papers for the signatures, I chose my handmade paper, folded in half to make one page. To strengthen, I ran sticky tape down the in/outsides of the fold. This also gave the finished edges a shine.
The rough edges were trimmed to size before stitching.

In my "not happy" stash was a large piece of eco printed paper with a mirror image print. 
I  decided due to the soft colour pallet it would blend with the pages shading.  
(Don't throw anything out, you never know when something will come in handy!!)
I enjoyed this binding and will no doubt make several more. 

Now to think of a book and bind for the July challenge??


  1. What a pretty finish this stitch gives to the binding. Your work is so precise, very impressive!

  2. Sounds and looks great. Have you made a book with a patchwork cover. Maybe spiral bound or something like a book with a perforated edge to tear out a page for a note

  3. Such beautiful finish, I bet you enjoyed both the process and the result.

  4. Both books are lovely! When I saw the photo I thought the printed papers were fabrics. It makes more sense that they are paper, of course.

  5. This is fabulous! Very well done!

  6. That is such a work of art!!!