Saturday, July 24, 2021

Handmade Book Club Challenge - July

 This month's Book Club challenge - "Bloom/s"

This could be interpreted any way, from flowers, plants, maturing to re-birth etc.
As you know, I make do with what I have in stock. A challenge in itself sometimes.....

I have a few packets of origami paper squares. Each year a new calendar is bought, usually a Japanese Woodblock which I never throw away, always recycle them.  
Latest tutorial was the Little Link Stitch Book. I have enjoyed making them, why not make another!
In my stash of papers I have sheets of craft paper that were used for the signatures of each little book, 4 sheets that each matched with the origami papers.

4" x 7"
A variegated hand dyed thread given to me by my friend Keron, was used for the binding.
The image of a calendar month made the front and back covers.
I glued the covers onto card as the image was not long enough. 
Worked well that there were blossom foliage on the edge.
As I stitched my book while watching the Tokyo Olympic Opening Ceremony, I thought of my friends in Japan, Queenie, Tanya, Pamela and Julie. When all this unsettling around the world is over, I hope we can catch up again.


  1. It is beautiful.

    I conked out after the athletes parade, so probably missed the best bits of the opening ceremony.

  2. I look forward to the grand get together. Your bookmaking skills are fabulous!

  3. I, too, want to be able to go out and mix with people, and especially my quilting/stitching friends - I have been a hermit for a long time now.
    Your magic with paper is magical! I especially love what you have done with the Japanese paper and a good white margin, there is great balance there.