Friday, July 30, 2021

Book No 3

 I am enjoying the Little Link Stitch Binding, so much so that I made another book.
The book club hosted a live video link with Dee Stoddard on her eco printing methods. Unfortunately Australian time was 2am and I decided to watch the re-run later the next day.

After trying Dee's method, did not produce eco prints as well as I was went back to how I usually print.
It was suggested by a member to place a purple carrot in the boiling water as this "usually" turns the paper a shade of blue/purple. It was after the boiling that I cut the carrot in half and found the centre was a golden yellow. Hence my paper turned yellow!!!

I did achieve one speck of purple!!

Resorting to my usual method I threw another purple carrot into the pot, this time steaming the paper and not boiling. There are certain eucalyptus leaves that print orange, was interested to see the results.
Instead of using Alum Sulphate, I went back to my usual soaking the papers/card in a solution of soy milk and water.
Some yellow appeared.
The other papers turned a very dark orange.
Often I lay a length of kitchen paper towel over the leaves before rolling and steaming.
I like that it prints a softer tone of colour, leaves interesting imprints on the paper and use these for the covers of my books.
Little Link Stitch binding.
10 handmade papers pages, untrimmed edges.
2 long lengths folded and bound onto the front and back covers.

Some of the pages with a selection of papers and prints.
Instead of stitching used a pen to mark.

Now for something bright, a change to the browns and oranges. The next workshop is due tomorrow and I am hoping that some colour zing will be used.


  1. I love reading about your print and book binding journey. When did I last see a purple carrot? Must be ages ago, so exotic!

  2. Wow. There are a lot of beautiful papers made in this lot.

  3. You have this technique well down pat. A really interesting resulting book, especially the fold out sections and your pen detailing.

  4. Great result!

    I wouldn't have been attending a 2am class either. But it is good that you can watch it later, and don't have to miss out altogether.

  5. Thank you for taking us through the process! Gorgeous!

  6. They are all so beautiful. What a science! You need to open an exhibition room in your house so that they are always on display.