Thursday, June 17, 2021


 Week 30 - Gwen Hedley U.K.

"Blurring Boundaries"
Gwen said " To begin this workshop, you'll simply mark your chosen cloth in your own individual way, using rudimentary tools of your choice. It's quick, spontaneous and a liberating technique! 
Using cut or torn patches from your marked cloth you will piece together a long harmonious strip of fabric into a soft roll".

As I walk for an hour each day, I love the nature surrounding the area I live. The river is lined with eucalyptus and native trees and as it is the start of winter the moisture on the ground lends itself to fungi, moss, lichen and skeletal leaves.
I collected various tools for the mark making, gum nuts, seed pods, dried bark sticks. 
The challenge I enjoy with stitch club is to use what I have on hand and not to purchase anything. 
I found 2 tubes, brown and green acrylic paint in a drawer, watered them down for marking on a piece of beige linen fabric in my stash.

Colour and nature inspiration from my walks.

Not very interesting, but it was a start. The joining lines were to become the "boundaries" which would be "blurred" using simple hand stitch. The next stage was to embroider and extend the marks and colours from one patch to another, creating visual links and a flowing design.
After the wind storm I picked up a stick for the spool.

Wire was inserted into the piece for added bending.

"Further Development" - Week 2
Our next part of the workshop was to enlarge. I decided to use paper and instead of embroidery, mark with pens. My love of bookmaking came to the fore. Last month I eco printed lengths of paper and used one of them.
A section of the length.

Orange and blue coloured pencils with geli pens and a black sharpie pen to indicate stitches.
The length of paper was then folded to make small a concertina book with eco printed card for the covers.