Sunday, May 30, 2021

Last Weekend of Autumn

As I am still feeling some discomfort shooting down my arm from my shoulder, I haven't attempted the last 4 weeks of TextileArtist.orgStitch Club. Next fortnight's workshop is one I would like to do as it involves making a scroll.
Due to another 7 day (at this stage) lockdown, things are quiet, the days will be taken up with reading, my daily one hour walks, a couple of zoom meetings and generally pottering around the garden.
Over the last several weeks I have been doing things that don't involve holding a hoop for stitching.

Eco printing on paper.

Made a batch of handmade papers for a Japanese bound book.

Before Lockdown, walked around Daylesford Lake.
My favourite Australian bird, the Kookaburra. Sunning himself on a farm fence.
Our pumpkins that grew from seed out of the compost heap.
The Dwarf Orange and Dwarf Mandarins are slowly ripening.
Last week was the sighting of the Super Blood Moon.
Not sure how I took this photo.
I spent a long time changing the settings on my camera, sadly it was not to be that I got a photo of the red moon.
A cool day today though the sun was shining, we walked the river wearing our masks and social distancing as best as we could from others. The walking paths were very busy. I woke with a head cold on Tuesday, went and got myself covid tested....Negative....thank goodness.
Tomorrow is the last day of autumn, my favourite season. The year is flying past.

Thursday, May 13, 2021 Stitch Club

 Week 28  - Joetta Maue

"Stitching from a Photograph"
Joetta said "In this workshop, you will learn to use basic stitches to create a detailed embroidered drawing from an original photograph. 
You will learn how to transcribe the image onto fabric through a simple drawing transfer technique and be guided how to choose the best line density and stitch types. This will turn your photo into an embroidered drawing".

I went through my box of photos from my childhood and chose one that appealed to me. It is of my brother Peter and I dressed for a day in the city in Sydney and then on our way to my grandparents who lived in Manly. Memories of catching the "Manly" ferry to visit them.
I was 4 years old and Peter was 8. My coat and hat were red and apparently I never went out without my little plastic handbag.

The transfer was made with a light box tracing on paper.
I chose a handkerchief of my mother's and used a grey thread. 
I decided not to trace and stitch the whole image as I wanted the focal point to be on my coat and hat. Peter was dressed in his school jumper and tie.
Simple, not detailed and I decided not to stitch our faces, (I am not very good at doing eyes and lips).

Further Development.
Unfortunately due to a very sore right shoulder, I didn't do the next week's exercise as I couldn't hold the hoop for very long without getting pain shooting down my arm.

The past couples of weeks have been taken up with paper and book making.
These sheets were made using a small bag of white shredded office paperwork and then adding shredded brown paper that came with a package delivery. I also added some shredded orange paper.
I have been walking every day and pick up seed pods for mark making. I dip the pod into ink and randomly mark the paper.
On the marked pages I machine stitched pieces of my eco prints 
I attend a monthly Papermakers group and we were shown how to make 3" x 4" tied books
I used my hand made paper and eco printed card
This little Tied book used the mark making pages.
10x10cm books for Fibre Arts Winter School in June where I will be attending a 5 day class on Book Binding. My contribution to be sold to raise funds for a charity.
Another small book using a piece of eco printed card for the cover with a stab stitch binding.
Pages using my hand made paper. Some sheets were not long enough, added another piece by stitching.