Thursday, April 1, 2021


 Week 26 - Jette Clover - Denmark/Netherlands

Intimate Landscape: A Study in White.

Jette said "Using the image on a postage stamp as inspiration, you will explore a winter landscape. It might be a view of the city or the countryside, the sea or the mountains, the forest or the garden.
You will use tiny fabric scraps to create a small atmospheric fabric collage, taking into consideration the season and the time of the day. 
Exploring ideas for composition, you will focus on the colour white and how to use lines, shapes and textures".

Enquiring at the post office, they didn't have any "winter" or "white" stamps so I brought out my childhood stamp albums. I loved collecting stamps. My mother for 40+ years, collected First Day Covers and I couldn't bring my self to tearing a stamp off them. I found 2 stamps in my battered old album.

Unless it is in the vicinity of the snow mountains or some inland regional areas, never experienced snow where I live. I have flown over the Swiss Alps, trudged through very deep snow at Lake Louise, Canada, and spent many happy visits to Lake Mountain, Victoria with family and friends. In my 20's on my flight to London, the Captain said "Everest in the distance out the left window". I was sitting by the window and saw it. These days it is restricted air space.

No 1 - 8 inches square.
Stamp "Winter in Barbados".
Dull and dreary day at home, rain cloud using a scrap of eco dyed fabric.
Eventually looking though the drapes out of the window there is a little sun poking through the clouds in some blue sky.
Jette's method of stitching is not to be too precise, large and small tacking. Organic comes to mind.
I googled winter in Barbados, it says that many tourists escape the harsh snow winters and head to Barbados for the sun and summer-like weather.

No 2 - 7 inches square.
Stamp "Summer in Antarctica"
Various white fabrics. 
Green snow algae are some of Antarctica's smallest living organisms. When they grow together in clumps they are visible from space - a rich lime green stain on the surface of the snow. In summer from October to February, the sun is almost always in the crisp blue sky.
I have loved this stamp in my album, may be due to it being a circle in black.

Week 2 - Further Development
A series of small stitcheries depicting the seasons or night and day.
 3 x 4 inch square pieces using paper only. I didn't have stamps worth using, used photos that I had.
I don't particularly like them, with all that I have on at the moment haven't finished them and probably won't.


  1. I don't remember ever seeing winter images on stamps, either. That would make the whole challenge a bit difficult. I like your creative use of Barbados and Antarctica.

  2. Such a difficult challenge when the artist lived experience is so different from yours. So clever to work around that difficulty. I like the irony behind Winter in Barbados.

  3. I would find it hard to use a treasured stamp; probably I would have broken the rules and use photos, copies or scraps of paper instead.
    In my childhood snow was an obvious part of every winter, now I live in a place with almost no snow I have mixed feeling when it does snow. I am both happy to walk down Memory Lane, and annoyed at the cold, wet, bothersome white stuff and the work and danger it imposes. Maybe snow is best on a stam after all!
    I think your interpretations are great. You are so good at stitching.

  4. You are making some really artistic pages. Are you keeping your collages in a noteboook? Stamps are always so beautiful and I cut them out and save them... but for what?