Tuesday, March 9, 2021


 Week 25 - Kate Tume U.K.

"Exploring Narrative Potential with Embellishment".

Kate says "I love to explore the use of embellishment to describe an idea or express a texture and I believe in the power of beads, sequins and other materials to aid the communication of complex narrative themes.
In this workshop you will unlock the potential of embellishment in your textile art and begin to consider how it might enhance, strengthen and deepen your visual narrative".

Week 1 - instructed to stitch a piece and embellish making unique textures by layering and manipulating sequins and  stacking beads together. The theme was to be a Rock, but my pieces were decided on what I found in my stash.
No 1 - 3.5 inches depicts a blossom tree losing it's petals.
I have very few beads, found 2 tubes of mixed, apricot and rose colour tubes and beads in among my Artist Trading Card box from many years ago. The garden is made using a piece of brown woven cotton tubing with small pieces of green fleece.
No 2 - 3.5 inches depicts a log on the forest floor with gold fungi growing on the log.
The tiny orange buttons were found in my stash from a Christmas quilt years ago.
The log is the end of the brown tube from No 1.
The gold fungi were made from snipping a coffee pod after emptying the coffee grounds into the compost heap.
Coffee pods.
As per usual, I am making do with what I have and nothing was purchased.

"Further Development" 
Week 2
This week were were asked to make up sequins etc. from found pieces. All I had were the coffee pods and no matter how many times I tried using various tools I couldn't pierce the metal for the needle to go through. Made do with fabrics, tiny buttons, beads on hand and a piece of shell I found on the beach.
The woven cotton used was the piece graduating from light brown - dark brown - dark blue.
3 inches square depicting underwater. 
(I know the window of paper is very crooked and not straight.)
I enjoyed these stitching these little samples.