Friday, January 29, 2021

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 Week 22 - Valerie Goodwin U.S.A.

"Stitch a Personal Map"
Valerie said "Be inspired by texture, layering, stitch and colour. In this workshop you will make a simple and stitched map showing a place that is special to you. it might be where you love, grew up, born....
Using the internet find a map to serve as the starting point. The textile map will use a few simple stitches combined with organza, opaque fabric and a bit of paint."

We were instructed to paint onto the organza. I decided to splash watercolour paint onto a sheet of plastic where I dabbed and mopped up the paint with the fabric. My map was of the Point Lonsdale Lighthouse area which is a favourite of ours.

I printed off the map which has very little detail on it.
Valerie showed how to make the trees and simply stitch them.
The blue painted organza was very pale, solved the problem by adding several layers on top of each other for the sea.
My simple map.

Due to a busy week working, I was unable to do the Further Development section of a more detailed map. Will do it another time as there is no hurry to finish the workshops. We are advised to go at our own pace.

I have a new "toy", a little photo printer. 
The size of the small photos are 2" x 2 3/4".
They can be printed off my phone and iPad. I spend a lot of time running backwards and forewords to the photo shop (15 minute drive) printing for my workshop journals. When I sat down and worked out time, cost of petrol and photo developing, this was very attractive.

"Winged Book"
I attended a book making workshop online.
Using my handmade papers made this small version using a piece of eco printed card from another workshop for the covers.
The pockets can have added pieces inserted.


  1. Youare doing so well at your craft. The papers are beautiful too.

  2. Your map looks good, and that book is amazing.

    I've never seen a little photo printer before. It looks like a handy device.

  3. Making a map is a great idea, love the trees.
    Your new book is fabulous and you can put the printed photos in the pockets, can't you?

  4. A charming little map, keeping it simple has been most successful. Cute printer too, where does the ink go?

  5. The idea of the textile map is fascinating. I think the trees and the layering of organza is a wonderful depiction. Your "origami" style book is great too!