Friday, January 29, 2021

TextileArtist.orgStitch Club

 Week 22 - Valerie Goodwin U.S.A.

"Stitch a Personal Map"
Valerie said "Be inspired by texture, layering, stitch and colour. In this workshop you will make a simple and stitched map showing a place that is special to you. it might be where you love, grew up, born....
Using the internet find a map to serve as the starting point. The textile map will use a few simple stitches combined with organza, opaque fabric and a bit of paint."

We were instructed to paint onto the organza. I decided to splash watercolour paint onto a sheet of plastic where I dabbed and mopped up the paint with the fabric. My map was of the Point Lonsdale Lighthouse area which is a favourite of ours.

I printed off the map which has very little detail on it.
Valerie showed how to make the trees and simply stitch them.
The blue painted organza was very pale, solved the problem by adding several layers on top of each other for the sea.
My simple map.

Due to a busy week working, I was unable to do the Further Development section of a more detailed map. Will do it another time as there is no hurry to finish the workshops. We are advised to go at our own pace.

I have a new "toy", a little photo printer. 
The size of the small photos are 2" x 2 3/4".
They can be printed off my phone and iPad. I spend a lot of time running backwards and forewords to the photo shop (15 minute drive) printing for my workshop journals. When I sat down and worked out time, cost of petrol and photo developing, this was very attractive.

"Winged Book"
I attended a book making workshop online.
Using my handmade papers made this small version using a piece of eco printed card from another workshop for the covers.
The pockets can have added pieces inserted.

Thursday, January 14, 2021


 Week 21 Stewart Kelly U.K.

"From Still Life to Stitch"
Stewart said "In this workshop you'll explore the possibilities of combining drawing and stitching, in order to create original designs and patterns"

He guided us on a creative journey and encouraged us to interpret different ideas and explore materials in order to create highly personal work.
Our workshop challenge was to set up a small still life arrangement of objects, create a pencil line drawing and using a view finder select part of our drawing to transfer onto cloth before stitching.

I have spent the last 2 weeks stitching and done very little else. Now it's time to go back to work and the "domestic duties" that have been sidetracked.
I chose glassware as my subject. 
Red and a white wine glasses with a small Nikki Japanese Whiskey bottle.

We were instructed to use neutral fabric for our background though I chose a darker piece.
The stitching side was very relaxing and I kept it minimal and simple with emphasis on the white wine glass and edge of the bottle.
My second piece was totally different in scale and colour.
Moving my view finder I edged towards the red wine glass with part of the bottle.
Our next challenge was to use a layout of mirror and reverse images of a piece.
I found this fascinating and spent a fair time "playing" with photos using the Layout app on my IPad.

Playing with my original after photocopying the pattern. 

Week 2
 "Further Development"
We were challenged to add small pieces of fabric to our piece. I decided to make a reverse and flipped image of my original pattern adding the dark fabric in the corners..

I enjoyed this workshop and on the group site what others have done, is amazing.