Wednesday, December 30, 2020


 Week 20 - Mandy Pattullo U.K.

Mandy said "In this challenge you will make a small textile picture of a robin, a bird traditionally associated with Christmas in the U.K. For this project, you'll be using hand stitching and collage techniques. You will work onto a base of your choice. You will be encouraged to create a context for your robin, whether it is a seasonal scene or something decorative. 

Mandy wanted us to come up with our own design idea for our bird's setting to make the picture unique. As I live in the southern hemisphere and associate Christmas with summer, I decided to to a magpie instead of a robin.

One of the most iconic Australian birds is the magpie (Cracticus tibicen). They have one of the most complex bird calls in the entire world and their pitch varies up to 4 octaves. They can mimic over 35 species of native and introduced bird species.
The background fabric was from a pillow case found in the Op shop.
I coloured his beak with a pencil.

"Further Development"
The second week was to try something different. As I enjoy making paper I decided to make some shading from white to dark grey/black. Yesterday weather wise was the perfect morning, no breeze and sun to dry the paper.
I started with black, made a couple of pieces then put it aside while I made the white.
Added small portions of the white pulp to achieve a mottled paper.
White with gradual small amounts of the black to vary the shades to dark grey.

My second bird was a Pelican. The Papermakers exhibition early next year has the theme of "Water" which I though the pelican could be for both Mandy's and the exhibition in one hit.
The background of blue was another piece I had made previously. 
I will make a mounting for the finished work.
Unfortunately as I stitched the first couple of stitches, I noticed the needle holes were visible despite using an extremely fine needle. Resorted to using pen and pencil to highlight the wings. I am not sure whether to draw wavy lines behind the bird or to leave it plain. 


  1. That’s very creative. I hope you had a lovely Xmas and next year will be so much better.

  2. Beautiful works. Love the paper pelican. They are awesome when flying in a group. Have you considered adding a couple of others flying in the distance.

  3. Wonderful birds. Interesting info about the magpie. I’ve always thought of the robin in spring, not Christmas. Different stories for different parts of the world. Your paper is always gorgeous and your pelican very creative!

  4. I love both your birds and the shaded paper is as always so beautiful. Yes, grey is a beautiful colour!

  5. Lovely! Very creative shades of grey in your papers.

    Your birds are two of my favourites. I love the magpie's call, and the pelican's flight.

  6. Yes! Your pelican is wonderful!