Thursday, December 3, 2020

Handmade Paper

 I have spent the last few weeks making paper for an exhibition, late January with the Papermakers of Victoria. The theme is "Water"
Not an easy one to think of, though I do have an idea for a handmade book to submit. Water is usually thought of as blue, there are many shades including brown tones, aqua marines, greens and light/dark blues. 

Guidelines are: majority of handmade paper used and I can add some stitching.

 A4 and A5 mould and deckles were made using photo frames and fly wire screening.

I picked up at a store a new blender that was heavily discounted by 50% due to the missing instruction book and warranty in the box. 

Made sheets so far.

Paper made using dried leaves of my bearded iris plants, boiled in a pot to soften.
Majority of the pulp were the leaves with a small amount of shredded paper.
To lighten the shade, I added more white paper as the leaf pulp was used up.

Shades of blue. The shredded and torn up papers were soaked overnight in a bucket of water container blue watercolour paint.
1. Soft blue with fragments of the left over iris leaf pulp.
2. Darker blue by adding a blue paper egg carton.
3. Plain soft blue with no fragments of iris leaf in it.
4. Same as No 2 with more white paper added to lighten the colour.

Shade of soft green.
1. Soaked paper overnight with green watercolour paint.
2. Same pulp with added white shredded paper to lighten the shade of green.
To No 1, I laid dried grasses on a few of the paper sheets before pressing and drying.

Next lot of paper I am aiming for are dark greens with leaves or small pieces of foliage added to the pulp.


  1. Your watery papers are looking good!

  2. My paper attempts end up more like postcards than actual paper. I like your variety.

  3. Making the paper before you even start on the book puts you in total control. The papers are turning out beautifully, especially when seen from end on.

  4. How interesting! Gorgeous papers and colors.

  5. I wish I could take you to a nearby town of ours where the specialty is handmade paper. The artists work huge frames back and forth in the freezing water to get the pulp spread evenly. It is an amazing process.