Thursday, December 31, 2020

Comments Notification

 I was hoping someone could help me please. 
All of a sudden I no longer receive an email with a readers comment. 
I have sign in and gone to settings. The notification with my email address is not highlighted. 
I can't find where to change it and the "help" site is not very "helpful at all".

I have to go into my blog to see if there are any comments as I always reply and thank those readers.

All was good the other day.....why change now....
Thank you.


  1. I sympathize with your frustration. There have been so many changes over my blogging years. There may be computer wizards out there somewhere who have no problem with changes, but if I didn't have a son to turn to, I would have given up long ago. Now I am getting a message that as of Jan. 1st I will not get some messages to my Yahoo mail. The rest of the announcement is in computerese. Good luck and Happy New Year.

  2. I am sorry I can not help you solve your problem, but tell you from my own experience of the same trauma, that if you just wait, the problem will solve by itself!!!! Yes, I struggled with the comments for a long time and never came to terms with why. The all of a sudden one day I could receive and send comments just like I used to before the problems.
    I hope your 'recovery day' will come soon!

  3. I'm not sure what you meant by "The notification with my email address is not highlighted."? But if you go to Blogger, Settings, Email, there is an option there "Comment notification email". If your address is listed there, then it should be working. If no address is listed there, you can click on that option, and should get a pop-up form to add the correct address.

    I do find, however, that some comments I never get notified about, and it is particularly from people with Yahoo email addresses.

    Good luck, and happy new year.

  4. There are some commenters that I don’t get an email. I will have to check to see what kind of email address they have. Maybe they are yahoo, like Vireya says.