Wednesday, November 25, 2020


 Week 17 - Ali Ferguson - Scotland

"A Stitcher's Sketchbook"

Ali says "Something that unites us all as stitchers is that we are immediately attracted to the look and feel of fabric, thread and stitching. By embracing all of these and integrating them into pages, you'll create a Stitcher's Sketchbook that is just crying out to be handled and used.
Perhaps you will use your book for sketching, to collect thoughts and ideas or to curate stitch samples. Or may you will continue to embellish the pages until the book becomes a piece of artwork in itself."

Our challenge was to create a book using a selection of 21 x A4 size papers for make 7 signatures consisting of 3 sheets each. As I was unable to do a lot of stitching the glue emerged and I chose to adhere papers, fabric and collections to various and eco printed pages. 

The binding taught was a form of Coptic with tabs and using fabric for the covers.

Instructions for binding.
No 1 Japanese Theme. Instead of buttons on the tabs I added tiny taupe hexagons.

A few of the pages in my book.

No 2 Plain white pages. I glued the buttons on.

"Further Development" for Week 2 was to add to our books, this was done by adding photos, cut outs from paper bags, a piece of kimono fabric etc to my Japan book.
The past couple of weeks have also been taken up with making sheets of paper for my contribution to the Papermakers of Victoria exhibition at the end of January. 
The them is "Water". 
The light and brown pieces were made by boiling the dried brown leaves of my iris plants then blended.
Light blue (middle) was white paper soaked overnight in a bucket of water with watercolour paint added.
Dark blue was a Spotlight catalogue shredded with a blue egg carton graduating to the lighter blue by added white shredded paper.
Next will be papers made in shades of green with pressed grasses into the sheets to simulate new growth.

During our zoom meetings, an online class was held showing how to make tiny paper raincoats. These will held hung at the exhibition. I have made 2, glued, no sewing thank goodness, very fiddly.


  1. That all look fantastic! Your books are beautiful. The little raincoats do look fiddly, but they are very cute.

  2. Those raincoats are really up there on the adorable scale!

  3. You must have a good stash of prints, pictures and of course hand made paper to use for the books. They are both lovely.
    So are the charming raincoats! I bet they fiddly to make!

  4. How cute are those raincoats. Your paper you have made withthe blue are pretty.

  5. Your books are inspiring! And wow! Those raincoats look impossible to make! Did you have to use tweezers to get those little pieces in place?