Monday, November 23, 2020

Stitch Meditations

 Way behind in my SM's. (17th October)
Do I or Don't I continue??

Each day I still look for paper to do these but the holding of these small cards is not easy with my right hand. Stitching with my left isn't the problem. Perhaps free motion machining might be the answer!!


  1. I don't know. I'm finding it difficult to feel motivated about anything at the moment. I have a half-written blog post from over a week ago, and I'm asking myself the same question. Do I continue, or just stop?

  2. If you are still collecting/choosing papers then you are still motivated. Why not glue them to the card and embellish with pen rather than stitches. Still the same thought processes involved.

  3. Jeanette has a good idea. I hope you will continue.

  4. Maybe what you really need is to I've your hand a break.
    IF you still want to work, I suggest you follow Jeanette's advice. You can come back to stitching lager.

  5. Sorry that your hand is giving you problems. Yes, gluing seems like it would be a good temporary solution. I've been doing bullet journaling and just gluing things on the page feels very creative!