Thursday, October 22, 2020


Week 15 - Sabine Kaner U.K.

"Mixed Media Abstract Patterns"
Sabine says "I have designed a simple technique to help you create unique abstract compositions, with the aim of inspiring your confidence in working with shapes, patterns and lines."

Our workshop was a technique created by using a sheet of paper as our starting point. Crumple a sheet with our hand and draw the lines of the crumples. Combine and connect the design using hand embroidery and fabrics. Using several papers, choose one to complete the task.

I chose the two on the right hand side.
No 2 top
        No 1 below.
No 1. Felt with wool embroidery. After finishing, turn the piece to view it differently. I added a few extra lines.
No 2 "Minimal" embroidered lines with Thai silk pieces on linen background.

Week 2 Further Development.
The task for this week was to scrunch and divide the paper into 2 or 3 pieces. I chose 3 circles  x 3.5 inches, I found it easier to work on the smaller pieces than the A5.
Felt with embroidery using sashiko and dyed threads.

Each of these 3 will be mounted on 4"x 4" card to be donated to the 10x10cm charity pieces for Fibre Arts Winter School 2021. Thinking positive that it will go ahead next June.



  1. Very interesting. Are you bonding the fabrics to the paper or just sewing them down? You do get some nice movement in your creations.

  2. Lovely muted colours in your first piece. Great success with this technique.

  3. That's a great technique for starting something. It gives you a random result that can spark ideas. I love how "Minimal" turned out.