Thursday, October 29, 2020

Stitch Club Break

 After stitching the Stitch Club for 14 workshops, I have decided to give it and my SM's a break for the next fortnight. Despite being left handed, my right hand fingers have started producing pins and needles again. This hand had a carpal tunnel op 2 years ago. The warning signs have started flashing before me.
It is my right hand that holds everything as I stitch and I use my right hand for the computer mouse, which after this 15 minutes of blogging has me shaking it for the feeling to return.

The up and coming workshop is making a book, which I want to be able to do.

This past week I have only spent one day, using my pieces from the Sabine Kaner workshop. I decided to cut my No 1 piece into circles as I had done with the third piece.
My "Minimal" stitch I used for the cover of a book, coptic stitch bound.

To occupy myself...start my new jigsaw puzzle and read 2 ebooks.

Our Stage 4 lockdown had been lifted as from 11.59 pm on Tuesday night. It has been reported that the crowds yesterday had returned in droves to the stores, cafes etc.
 I am very hesitant to venture to the shopping centres, I don't need to buy anything so for the next 2 weeks I will sit, read in the sunshine and go for walks.

Thursday, October 22, 2020


Week 15 - Sabine Kaner U.K.

"Mixed Media Abstract Patterns"
Sabine says "I have designed a simple technique to help you create unique abstract compositions, with the aim of inspiring your confidence in working with shapes, patterns and lines."

Our workshop was a technique created by using a sheet of paper as our starting point. Crumple a sheet with our hand and draw the lines of the crumples. Combine and connect the design using hand embroidery and fabrics. Using several papers, choose one to complete the task.

I chose the two on the right hand side.
No 2 top
        No 1 below.
No 1. Felt with wool embroidery. After finishing, turn the piece to view it differently. I added a few extra lines.
No 2 "Minimal" embroidered lines with Thai silk pieces on linen background.

Week 2 Further Development.
The task for this week was to scrunch and divide the paper into 2 or 3 pieces. I chose 3 circles  x 3.5 inches, I found it easier to work on the smaller pieces than the A5.
Felt with embroidery using sashiko and dyed threads.

Each of these 3 will be mounted on 4"x 4" card to be donated to the 10x10cm charity pieces for Fibre Arts Winter School 2021. Thinking positive that it will go ahead next June.


Saturday, October 17, 2020

Thursday, October 8, 2020


 Week 14 - Vinny Stapley U.K.

"Wild Layers"
Vinny said " This workshop is inspired by some of my current work exploring the flora of the saltmarshes. Much of my work is made layering delicate, transparent and distressed fabrics such as organdie, muslin, scrim and lace. Layering gives materials strength and integrity."

"Join me in making a Wild Layer stitched panel. You will use a range of transparent layers of fabric to create an atmospheric background to which you will add applique and stitch multiple images of a wild natural flower. 3 different tones to give depth."
Week 1
No 1. To the background of lace and cotton I added strips of green transparent florist ribbon and new shower scrub towel, blue tulle and stitches to represent wild forget-me-nots.. The leaves are generic using a blue/brown op shop scarf. 
No 2. Background using English Breakfast and Raspberry tea bags, covered with organza and very fine pale brown netting. To break up the background/leaves, inserted small pieces of green florist ribbon.

Week 2 Further Development.
Our challenge for this week was to make a wall hanging that made use of the sheer fabrics when hung against a window.
 3 squares using lace, organza, netting etc added to a background of mosquito netting. 
After finishing, advised by members of the group to add a third branch of leaves at the bottom corner.
The leaves were made using the same scarf fabric as in No 1. 
Against my sheer bedroom curtain.
I enjoyed this delicate workshop challenge.