Thursday, August 20, 2020

TextileArtist.orgStitch Club

 Week 10 - Julie Booth USA

"Exploring the Buttonhole/Blanket Stitch Play Game"

Julie says " Buttonhole/blanket stitch is a utilitarian stitch, used to reinforce the edges of blankets and buttonholes, this very practical looped stitch has great potential from an art and design perspective. By dissecting the stitch, we can explore the possibilities for manipulating it. 
The "legs" of the stitch can be long or short, straight, angled, crossed or knotted., it can appear geometric and angular, flowing or organic."

This week's challenge was to choose randomly 1 Format and 3 Adjectives. This was done by the lucky dip process of numbering and drawing them out. 

In our journals we were asked to sketch some ideas relating to our numbers. Our stitching was to be on  black or white fabric and threads. Unfortunately I didn't have enough black thread in my box and being more than the 5km lockdown home limit from Spotlight, I could not call in to buy some more. 
(online purchase of $1.65 for one skein plus $8.95 postage!!!) Used terracotta thread instead.
Format -  #13 Square/Grid (4 or 9 squares)
Adjectives -  #13 Jagged #20 Squiggly #26 Narrow.

Format -  #2 Waves
Adjectives - #4 Short #12 Meandering #30 Parallel 

I found this workshop extremely relaxing and will do a long piece for another wooden bobbin scroll.


  1. I love the format of this challenge - random is good. Both of your responses are fantastic, you must be very pleased.

  2. Very interesting! Both color combinations make great graphics.

  3. Free form blanket stitch and button hole looks very creative. I am impressed! Well done.