Saturday, August 29, 2020


 Week 11- Anne Kelly U.K.

"Mapping Your Journey - Textile Travels"

Anne says " I am sitting on a train, looking out the window and thinking about the landscapes, towns and hamlets we are passing by. How do I begin to convey this in cloth and tell the stories and histories of the people and places see."

This week's challenge, working from a collection of photos, postcards, old receipts, tickets etc we are to create a small folding book or collaged piece. The result will be a personal response to a special place, journey or event.

On my travels I collect bits and pieces, papers, tickets etc. A couple of weeks ago I decided to have a throw out of these as they had been sitting in a box for several years....ughhh!!!
I wish I had known what this was to be. I don't have collections of photos as they are stored on memory sticks as I make a photo book after each adventure. I looked through these books and decided doors were what I usually photograph. Armed with several large books, John kindly took them to work and photocopied.

I enjoy photographing doors, gates and entrances, I wonder what they lead to and what is behind them. My favourite childhood book is The Secret Garden and this led me to imagine their secrets.
The method for this challenge was to use tissue paper.
Select fabric (I chose muslin), paint over with a watered down solution of PVA glue, place images on using a dab of glue stick, re paint and then lay a sheet of tissue paper over the images with another layer of glue solution.. 
I used a foam craft roller to smooth out the tissue as my sample piece tore using a large paint brush. Let dry then stitch. The tissue was to soften the look of the image. Several ,members did not have tissue and used fine tulle. 

The image of the Flamenco dancer's head did not show up clearly.
Finished little book.
Front cover door, Japan.

I don't think this method is one that I would do again, but as the word "challenge" is used, how do you know if you don't give it a go. Due to lock down of stores, it is surprising what you make do with and that is also part of the lesson.


  1. At least it's another way to make personalised cards if you need them. Using a special photo. Would be lovely as invitations.

  2. It seems like a very cruel theme for someone who loves to travel but can't go more than 5km at the moment!

    However I love what you created. I want to go through all those doors!

  3. What a valiant effort working through this difficult challenge (both mentally and physically). I don't think this technique enhances the images, so much of your beautiful photography is lost.

  4. Oh! All the door seem very mystical and entrances to exciting places!