Saturday, August 1, 2020


Week 8 - Haf Weighton -Wales, UK

Textile Typography
Haf says "The world as we know it has changed significantly within the last few months. Whether we have had the virus or not we have all been impacted by it. The idea of serious illness and how it can affect us is something that some of us might have considered for the first time in our lives. I feel creativity can help us process this experience more positively".

For this workshop we are to create our own medals to be kept as a memento to document this intense period in our history or to be given as a gift to let someone know you are thinking of them.

I decided not to do a medal as such. We are still in lock down due to increasing numbers of our population here in Melbourne testing positive to covid. My walks along the Werribee River allowed me to walk, masked, without worrying as there were few other walkers.
Each walk took me past our beautiful flora growing along the banks and due to these I chose to acknowledge them.

 I used my challenge piece from the Gregory T Wilkins workshop last week, cut into 3 small sections to make a scroll.
The colours of the painted piece corresponds with my flora medal stitching and I am in the process of adding more stitching to the piece.

To all our health care workers, I am very grateful and proud of your tireless and dedicated work, I hope one day you will be able to walk among our flora without the worry of what faces you at work.


  1. I'll second that!

    Best wishes to Emma, and thanks for the vital work she is doing.

  2. We are called the frontline in this battle, and wearing a mask while continuing to get pleasure from the world seems such a small contribution. Your huge emotional contribution and positive attitude is wonderful.
    Lovely to see Emma looking so strong amid the essential tools for the last stand. So grateful for her valiant contribution and wish her safety and strength.

  3. Your work is also so inspiring. The embroidery is fantastic and the scroll is SO interesting!

    Stay safe!