Wednesday, August 12, 2020


Is anyone else having trouble with the new blogging?
I tried to post photos and they took up the whole page, I reverted back to the old format. 
I have until September before permanently using the new version.
The way things are I may not be able to continue....


  1. Yes, the photos seem to be defaulting to huge now. To make them smaller, click on the photo, choose the pencil icon, then a window will open that will give you the option to make the photos various different sizes.

    Good luck!

  2. I have reverted back twice. Can't manage that new blogger at all!

  3. Yes! Yes! YES!!! The new Blogger is driving me crazy. It's slow. It has hidden buttons that used to be in plain sight. I think they've messed up the connection between safari (when I try to post through the iPhone) because they tell me they can't find my blog. AND as you say, the photos come out all weird!!! So what are we all going to do? Start trying to figure out WordPress or something? Are we all doomed in the blogging world? The pandemic and now Blogger, everything I took as normal is changing!!!

  4. I managed once ok on the computer but can't post using my iPad which opis the way I have always done it. I'm not impressed