Saturday, July 25, 2020

TextileArtist.orgStitch Club

Week 7 - Gregory T. Wilkins USA

"Ordinary to Extraordinary"
Gregory says " Too often people believe they need fancy tools or skills to make something special. Odds and ends can reap joy and contentment by pushing your boundaries and helping you explore creative methods."

We will learn that creativity transpires from embellishment and random mark-making. By taking risks, we will discover that happy surprises can bring great rewards.

In this challenge we were to make a painted piece of art with random things we have around the house, eg paper, fabric, string, thread paint, tape or permanent markers. Stitching by hand or machine, the final process.
 I put it off for several days as I wasn't sure where to start. I was once told by a crafts person, "just start by putting a favourite colour down". I used 100% cotton muslin.
 Mixed up watered down paints from a workshop several years ago and slapped it on the fabric.
 Next stage.
 Orange acrylic over a stencil, when dried taped over parts.
Yellow over another stencil.
"Do I or Don't I" add more.... is "less is more"!!
I posted on the group site, as with others, my progress and hesitation of adding more marks.
Gregory replied that he was impressed with my piece and agreed, no more.
Simple stitching to highlight shapes and marks.
Will most probably use the piece to cover a book or journal.

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Stitch Meditations

TextileArtist.orgStitch Club - Book 2

A friend and I decided to each do a concertina book together for the Stich Club Mandy Patullo challenge. Due to the current situation of lock down, we will have to wait until we can catch up.
As I regularly walk along our river, I decided to base mine on it. 
 Front cover using leaf fabric. I have this in several colour ways, chose the autumn tone as I enjoy walking in the cool to cold months.
 The gum trees are still flowering and the golden banksia blooms are a vibrant colour.
On wool, eco printed leaves collected along the river.
 Our Werribee River is 110 kms in length changing in width from a creek to a wide river in several places.
 Bridges and walking paths cross the river.
At various locations the lush green of the market gardens run alongside, before flowing out into the bay. 

Friday, July 10, 2020

Wednesday, July 8, 2020


Week 6 - Mandy Pattullo U.K.

Making a Fabric Concertina Book
For this challenge we are to make a small fabric book. The idea for this project is to make a concertina book which can be viewed page by page or pulled out and seen as one long narrative.

Mandy says "I sometimes call these scrap or rag books as they use pieces that have been left over from other projects. Your book will be entirely hand stitched and you will work with textile collage techniques onto the base of a single length of fabric".
I made a front cover using thick card covered with a page from a calendar.
The placement of pieces were organic or randomly placed as per the instructions.
Pages 2-4, before I attached to the covers.

Fabric scraps used were Indigo, Taupes, printed cottons and small pieces of kimono.
The back covered with paper bought in Tokyo.

Friday, July 3, 2020


Week 5 - Sue Stone U.K.

"The Power of Three"
This workshop will be using the power of 3 to create 3 small stitched artworks. Put together fabric strip-weaving with added hand stitching.

Sue says "The exercise will provide you with a quick and versatile way to get started on a new creative embroidery piece. You will explore the power of positive limitations; as a design tool, to explore colour schemes, audition fabrics and threads and achieve a cohesive result.
Strip weaving is a way to add colour, pattern and texture to your work, provide a background for simple line drawing and remember less is more".

To help with the inability of sketching, we were advised to trace our image onto tissue paper then stitch over. The morning of my doing this, we had 0 degrees and my very cold with no feeling fingers kept tearing the tissue. Changed to Glad Bake and it worked well.
No 1.
I added an extra fabric to break up the striped piece. I also found using the reverse side of fabrics toned it down.
 No 2.
No 3.
A line drawing. These are not my colours so the challenge was to use those instead of what I am comfortable ball with.
After posting on the group site, I was advised to cut away the burgundy fabrics from the hair line, looks better.
I enjoyed this week's exercise, stitched at breakfast using a hot coffee mug to warm my hands up.