Thursday, June 25, 2020


Week 4 - Emily Tull U.K.

“Getting Lippy”
The challenge is about observation and how to find the best preparation image of our work

Emily says "the brain automatically helps us simplify images into symbols. For example if we are asked to draw an eye we'll first draw an oval or almond shape. When a child draws a house they use squares, triangles and rectangles to form the basic shape."
The challenge is to create 3 mouths with different expressions using hand stitch. This is not about filling in the mouth with colour, the idea is to look at the finer details and use minimal stitching to create an expression.
I have decided to only do the one image of my mouth. Time wise, I don't have it to stitch 2 more.
When finished I felt it was anemic looking so decided to shade in the lips with an apricot coloured pencil as I often wear an autumn tone lipstick.

I have written this post using the new blogger settings that come into play at the end of the month. 
Not sure if it is something I will use instead, but had to give it a try. It seems easy enough.


  1. I'm glad the new Blogger wasn't a problem for you. I'm getting used to it, but it is a pain at first trying to figure out where al the old settings and buttons are now.

  2. Lips do so much work and at the same time we expect them to look smooth and plump. The focus on all the lines we try to ignore is very challenging and you did it so well.

  3. Good for you to get blogger to work. I suppose I should try this weekend,..

  4. An interesting challenge. The new blogger is something I looked at and gave up on. Why fix something that ain't broken? I will stay with the old until I am dragged screaming and kicking to the new one.

  5. I haven't even figured out what the new blogger looks like yet... I am still getting in the old way I guess... Mouths... Hmmm. Now how are you going to use that in your lovely work?