Wednesday, June 10, 2020


Week 3 - Susie Vickery Australia

"Create Beauty from Trash"
Susie says" When I go to the supermarket I try to avoid buying food that comes in plastic packaging. And increasingly, I find myself choosing foods that have potentially stitchable packaging".

Our workshop task was to create an embroidered sampler from detritus, to stitch floral patterns inspired by the tree of life in Jacobean Crewel work.
My colours were governed by a red mesh onion bag, white plastic and muffin bags. These were thin enough to thread the needle and go through the fabric. As we rarely use plastic bags for rubbish, I had to search through the garage for the white bag.
Our workshop pattern was set, you could do any design, I decided to follow the instructions.
End of mesh bag left to become the head of the flower.
Use of plastic replicates traditional ribbon and raffia embroidery. 
Susie has found that plastic is malleable, with a lot of body, which makes it ideal for quickly covering large areas with textured embroidery. it is also easy to stitch into with thread, giving it great depth and interest.
Blue curl made using the muffin bag which was cut into 1/2 inch strips.
My final piece. I enjoyed this workshop with Susie. The method is open to many ideas, just have to remember not to iron the finished piece.....


  1. The onion mesh has made a lovely flower. This work is very interesting. One which I think you will explore further.

  2. This is terrific! The use of the onion bag is inspired.

  3. That is really cool! Love the onion bag flowers.

  4. That is inspiring! You are going to be able to start an Instagram followers group if you continue doing recyclable art!