Thursday, June 4, 2020


Week 2 - Merill Comeau USA
Merill says "I'd like you to create a textile piece that represents something unique and personal about you by using imagery from nature, salvaged fabrics and a variety of stitch marks to convey your story".

I sorted through what little fabrics I still have and came up with a stash of sorts. Merrill's process of a background is one of organic and rough "building blocks" on a background fabric (no straight cutting) using recycled items and fabric scraps.
It was suggested we use petticoat tulle or similar as the background stabiliser. I didn't have any so a quick trip to Spotlight found some very soft beige tulle, bargain, 20 cm for 70 cents!!! I laughed as I thought the petrol cost more to drive there than the tulle.

"Use your thread mark-making to reinforce the concepts behind your work eg. irregularly spaced stitched in a variety of colours might represent flecks of dirt. Experiment with varying levels of formality and informality, control and lack of control".
9" x 11"
I researched several flora and their meanings with nothing describing the way I am feeling at the moment. Thinking of happy experiences and always at the top of the list is Japan. Unfortunately our return flights in November will not go ahead.

As I enjoyed this process very much, decided to do a smaller 2nd piece. At the moment my mum's purple bearded iris are flowering among my burgundy Salvia plant. Though rather early for the season, it is at this time of my life that I wish I still had her to talk to.
7" x 8"
I like the idea of the edges and pieces are not straight in line. Merill suggests that threads and fraying are left hanging for the root system of the plant.


  1. Lovely pieces. I like the way the stitched threads and the unravelling threads both have meaning. It emphasises the woven construction of the cloth - making it very different from paper.

  2. So sad about your trip to Japan. I should have been flying home tomorrow from my trip.
    Well we can hope for the time our team rip can go ahead..
    Your work is lovely. Take care and keep safe....

  3. Love the pieces. Especially the backgrounds.

  4. Your pieces are lovely. No Japanese trip for November? I wonder when we are all going to be able to travel again... For enjoyment, for family, it is all up in the air.