Sunday, May 31, 2020


As I enjoyed the 7 Week Community Stitch Challenge, I joined their monthly Stitch Club. Each month a weekly challenge is set for 3 weeks, leaving the last week of the month free.
You do not have to do any challenges, they can be done at a future date, but I need something to occupy myself to keep the mojo, the brain going and help my self doubt.

Week 1 - The Story of Objects with Debbie Lyddon U.K.

Debbie says “ I walk, look and listen, I pick up an object and put it in my pocket. I make a container for it and place it on my nature table: a place in my studio where I gather interesting objects together. I make connections and I tell stories. I ask myself questions like "What do I pick up?" and "How and where do I put it down?". 

The objects I chose were from a walk along the bush track near our local river.
I picked up a eucalyptus gum nut, banksia pod and a common Kurrajong seed pod.
I chose to use pieces of my eco dyed fabrics in cotton and blanket wool as I felt they would relate to the native pods.
These pouches have an eyelet in the front to view the object stored inside. I had some picture hanging wire in a drawer, or if no wire, using a piece of cord was recommended which was stitched with a variegated thread.
Wire was also stitched around the openings which can be “squeezed “ shut.
As per the instructions, coloured acrylic paint was to be painted onto fabrics to decorate as well as stiffening the fabrics. I chose not to as it would have covered the foliage eco patterns. Instead I attached an inside fabric layer with vlisofix.

Thursday, May 21, 2020

Community Stitch Challenge - Week 7

Week 7 - Christine Chester U.K.
Christine is a textile artist and her inspired work often includes paper, acrylic media and paints as well as thread and fabric.

The challenge set this week, is inspired by her approach to embedding stitch as a layer into fabric.
It gives the tools to draw or reveal curves in endlessly inventive ways using straights lines and straight stitches only.
She says, "when working with printed and dyed marks, it is very tempting to use stitch to simply follow the lines and shapes already on the fabric".

9 squares of various plain fabrics. I chose 3 inch squares.
"Draw or reveal a curve. Consider other options rather than simply following the shape outline that is already there".
I found this challenge extremely relaxing, stitching in the quietness of home.
Majority of the time when I finish a piece of small work, it is then put into a drawer never to be revealed again. Enjoying my book making/binding, I decided to place them simply in a bound book.
Coptic binding with Japanese paper
Bound book with my squares placed on each page.

Monday, May 18, 2020

Thursday, May 14, 2020

Throwback Thursday

Pamela wrote on her blog, this morning, what she was doing this day since she started hers in 2011.
I looked back over my posts for that week and sadly some of them I had forgotten.

2009 Started my blog in the November

2010 Scquilters Bathurst Retreat Shop Hop

2011 Learning French at the Council of Adult Education

2012 Visited Paducah Quilt Festival USA

2013 Saw Monets Garden Exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria

2014 Daughter in Botswana Africa

2015 Attended a Faux Leather Workshop using paper

2016 Spent the morning in the Flight Simulator, a Christmas gift

2017 Driving through France

2018 Stitch Meditations using fabric

2019 Sailing the Danube in Europe.

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Community Stitch Challenge - Week 6

Week 6 - Anne Kelly U.K.
"References Folk Art and the Pennsylvania Dutch "Fraktur" Style.

Anne says about her work "I love to honour and repurpose old textiles, using hand and machine embroidery, vintage thread and string to add texture". She combines her love of nature with simple but effective narrative.
The challenge this week was to create a piece of textile art using simple slow hand stitching and fabric scraps to make folk art style flowers in a vase on an old piece of linen eg serviette, hand towel etc.

I found this challenge rather intimidating as I am not a fan of folk art and it's rough edge cutting, more a straight line person. I didn't have any floral fabric that I could cut flowers from so used leaves as the theme.
My background piece was a serviette my mother brought back from the Old Yugoslavia many years ago, after my parents visited. My paternal Grandmother was Croatian and while visiting, found my father's elderly aunt who did this piece of embroidery. I still have the coffee table cloth she embroidered with the same pattern, though when clearing my parent's home could only find this one serviette. 
I love the season of Autumn.
I am not a fan of bright fabrics. Anne often over stitches her pieces in white thread with machine or tulle to soften the colours.
 I used a soft apricot colour though I don't feel it made much difference in toning down the brights.