Monday, April 27, 2020

Community Stitch Challenge - Week 5

Week 5 - Emily Jo Gibbs U.K.
"Applique Illustration"
"Applique" comes from the French word appliquer, meaning "to attach or apply".

Emily Jo Gibbs is a textile artist with a varied career in fashion, sculpture and embroidery. She creates simple yet intricate collages using silk organza which has a delicate graphic quality that highlights the little things.
This week's challenge she invited us to explore the applique technique by finding an interesting simple object in or around our house eg. a stick or paintbrush, something that has some interesting, worn and weathered elements.
The object was placed with a shadow.
The challenge using sheer fabrics with a tiny stab stitch of silk threads for the applique. Very different to how I usually sew my pieces
Unfortunately the process with sheer fabrics was a DISASTER.
The fabric frayed as I started to stitch despite ironing stabiliser on the reverse side to hold the pieces in place. Due to constantly washing my hands and using hand sanitiser, my skin has dried even though I use either Emu Oil or Sorbolene hand creams. The dryness made it different to handle the sheer fabrics.
I will re-do the challenge at a later date but at least I gave it a try.

With the popularity of the challenges, a 6th week has added and will be released tomorrow.


  1. Well done for having a go. Those sheer fabrics are hard to handle at the best of times, but rough skin would make the challenge much harder.

  2. The shapes and colours are lovely. Such delicate fabrics would need a really really fine needle and silk thread. I wonder if the stabiliser actually made it more difficult forcing your needle to work harder to get through the layers.

  3. Yes, the branch you picked is very interesting but I can imagine how hard it would be to work with sheer fabrics. I've been keeping my hands busy with applique and reverse applique but I doubt I'd be brave enough to work with anything sheer...