Sunday, April 12, 2020

Community Stitch Challenge - Week 3

Week 3 -Emily Tull U.K.
The Eye
Kent based artist, Emily originally specialised as a painter in her Fine Art degree. Her style is contemporary and often inspired by song lyrics or a line of poetry. She uses vintage and recycled materials with torn and frayed edges to hand stitch delicate portraits and fragile images of wildlife.

The challenge she has created is about tapping into your observational skills as much as it is about stitching. We are to study and stitch an eye, taking time to explore the different parts of the eye, the shapes, the light and shadow.

I kept putting the challenge off during the week using many excuses. “I’ve never stitched an eye before, can’t find my embroidery hoop, have to get my library ebook finished etc....”
I don’t like the term “can’t be bothered”, but it nearly came to using it.
Found the hoop and went for it. First stage was to take a photo, find a piece of fabric, not white or too dark, then sketch the eye. I used the reverse side of a blue fabric.
The Instruction video showed how to stitch the pupil and iris first. I actually enjoyed this part.
I used a colour to match with the photo....”but I have blue eyes”. But John that’s the colour in the photo!!
 I didn’t notice, until I started  stitching and observing that his upper eyelashes are so much darker than the lower. They are fair in colour. Not exactly the correct shape, out of proportion slightly, but I gave it a go.
I have to admit, I found this challenge very relaxing . Looking forward to Week 4 .


  1. That is amazing! You must be very pleased with the result.

  2. A fascinating exercise. Eyes are so much of who we are and how we relate to others. Well done on this difficult challenge!