Saturday, April 4, 2020

Community Stitch Challenge - Week 1

Week 1 - U.K textile artist Sue Stone.

Sue creates her own textile art using just a handful of traditional hand stitches in combination with some simple mixed media.
She says "You don't need fancy tools or materials, just some fabric, threads and a needle. And it doesn't matter if your'e a complete beginner or an existing embroiderer, just have fun stitching."

Start with an 8" square of linen or cotton, divide into 4 equal squares of 3" x 3".
Choose a simple stitch and randomly fill the spaces.
I chose a running stitch, finding it very relaxing to sit quietly stitching. It doesn't have to be even, perfect or balanced stitches. I have found doing my Stitch Meditations over the previous years have helped. 


  1. Interesting. What will you be using this with or made into

  2. Great start! You did four interesting corners, each of which could be expanded on to make other works based on the concept.

  3. Great start to the challenge. Social distancing in stitches.