Sunday, April 12, 2020

A Walk in Fresh Air

A change of scenery in fresh air is what was needed, even it is a walk up and down the street or around the block for 10 minutes. We are very fortunate that we live within distance of our river and both sides have great walking paths. We drove to one side’s parking area on Friday walked one way, then Saturday walked in the opposite direction.

I have never experienced so many walkers, dogs and bike riders, perhaps as weekdays when I do walk, all are at work and school. Unfortunately majority of them were with friends in groups of 5 or more taking up the full width of the path. Very few moved to one side when someone was walking towards them.
We kept to ourselves and practicing social distancing was easy as I can’t keep up with John’s long strides....the latest walk I was 6 minutes behind.
 The river is high with the rain we have had, they may have let some overflow out of the weir further up river.
One and only palm among the gum trees. This part of the river bank was originally on the grounds of the estate and mansion owned by the Chirnside family.
It may have been planted by them in the 1800’s.
Along one side, the market gardeners were working hard.
 Today, Sunday morning walk, 7,000+ steps.
Walked off the Easter egg I ate after breakfast.

 Flora along the banks.

I haven't seen this form of Grevillia before.
Happy Easter to all and your families. I hope the bunny delivered something sweet to you.


  1. How lovely to see blue skies. Nothing like that over this side. Very much an indoors day, but the bunny still delivered.

  2. So many people still do not understand the social distancing rules. It makes it harder for everyone. So good to hear you are going for your walks. Keep them up. HAPPY EASTER to you

  3. It looks like a wonderful place for a walk. Too bad about the crowds of other walkers, but it is so important to get out and enjoy the natural world.

    The grevillea looks like it could be a silky oak - Grevillea robusta. We planted some here nearly 5 years ago, and they are still only 30cms tall (ie they haven't grown at all).