Tuesday, April 21, 2020

A Bit of Dyeing

Left over from another session of eco dyeing, was half a container of soy milk which I put in the freezer for further use. Defrosted it over night and spent a couple of hours soaking some card in it. The card, fabric or paper needs to be soaked for an hour, hung out to thoroughly dry and the process repeated again.
I didn’t have a rusty tin, used a clean one to see if there was any difference in the outcome.
Collected leaves on a walk, soaked them overnight in a solution of iron and water, then put the pot on to boil.
Laid leaves on the card, wrapped the tin, boiled for 90 minutes and left to cool.
Unrolled card. I thought there would be some other colour. I think I might put some watercolour over it to brighten it up.
Our apricot tree is shedding it’s leaves, they printed a yellow tone.

Various gum leaves.

I wanted some colour, picked a few rose bush leaves and burgundy Salvia blooms. 
Happy with the outcome. 


  1. Terrific experiments! It is always interesting to see what colours you get from the different combinations of plants and other ingredients.

  2. Great to try different things and leaves/flowers. I do like the last burgundy one.

  3. Such an interesting process. Must be fun doing the unwrapping to see what has happened.

  4. You make such beautiful paper!