Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Community Stitch Challenge 5 - Part 2

I wasn’t happy with my Stitch Challenge using sheer fabrics on the stick I found on our neighbour’s nature strip.
Determined to re do, I chose a Japanese Maple leaf as we planted 2 of the trees over the weekend.
Acer palmatum
“Red Pygmy”
The leaves turn pink in the Spring.
Acer palatum
The leaves are red burgundy in Autumn.
It was this leaf that I chose to do my challenge.
I took a photo, uploaded it to the computer and printed it for the pattern.
Fabric - Japanese silk lining using a stab stitch. Very different to the usual way I appliqué 
The background is a piece of eco dyed fabric.
Placed the leaf on a piece of white photocopy paper in the sun to get the shadow.

Monday, April 27, 2020

Community Stitch Challenge - Week 5

Week 5 - Emily Jo Gibbs U.K.
"Applique Illustration"
"Applique" comes from the French word appliquer, meaning "to attach or apply".

Emily Jo Gibbs is a textile artist with a varied career in fashion, sculpture and embroidery. She creates simple yet intricate collages using silk organza which has a delicate graphic quality that highlights the little things.
This week's challenge she invited us to explore the applique technique by finding an interesting simple object in or around our house eg. a stick or paintbrush, something that has some interesting, worn and weathered elements.
The object was placed with a shadow.
The challenge using sheer fabrics with a tiny stab stitch of silk threads for the applique. Very different to how I usually sew my pieces
Unfortunately the process with sheer fabrics was a DISASTER.
The fabric frayed as I started to stitch despite ironing stabiliser on the reverse side to hold the pieces in place. Due to constantly washing my hands and using hand sanitiser, my skin has dried even though I use either Emu Oil or Sorbolene hand creams. The dryness made it different to handle the sheer fabrics.
I will re-do the challenge at a later date but at least I gave it a try.

With the popularity of the challenges, a 6th week has added and will be released tomorrow.

Stitch Meditations

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Among Nature and Keeping Busy

Despite the cool breeze, we walked a different direction along the river. The outcome of this Stay At Home order, is that it is getting people out as exercise is one of the 4 “allowed reasons”. I often walk but I have never seen so many biking, jogging and walking. We may become healthy and fit heading into winter.

Wild Geranium 
Banksia and seed pod.
Collected some foliage for eco printing, I am not sure, though someone may, what species of eucalyptus this is. Interesting veins.
Heart shaped gum leaves.
We do a video call each Sunday morning. Harvey likes to sit on a blanket on the top of the couch,  looking out the window. Perhaps he thinks he is a mountain goat. Emma is extremely busy at the hospital but still takes him for his regular walk.

Preparing a stitch meditation each day, will stitch them all in one hour.
Not a lot happening, just keeping myself busy.
The Community Stitch Challenge for Week 5 has been released, I need go for a walk to find a stick.

A Bit of Dyeing

Left over from another session of eco dyeing, was half a container of soy milk which I put in the freezer for further use. Defrosted it over night and spent a couple of hours soaking some card in it. The card, fabric or paper needs to be soaked for an hour, hung out to thoroughly dry and the process repeated again.
I didn’t have a rusty tin, used a clean one to see if there was any difference in the outcome.
Collected leaves on a walk, soaked them overnight in a solution of iron and water, then put the pot on to boil.
Laid leaves on the card, wrapped the tin, boiled for 90 minutes and left to cool.
Unrolled card. I thought there would be some other colour. I think I might put some watercolour over it to brighten it up.
Our apricot tree is shedding it’s leaves, they printed a yellow tone.

Various gum leaves.

I wanted some colour, picked a few rose bush leaves and burgundy Salvia blooms. 
Happy with the outcome. 

Friday, April 17, 2020

Community Stitch Challenge - Week 4

Week 4 - Richard McVetis U.K.
Richard is also a British artist-maker who studied constructed textiles at the Royal College of Art.
He is now best known for his meticulously embroidered drawings and objects. He is inspired by process and the act of making, it's ritualistic and repetitive nature.
His work often involves multiples of embroidered dots and crosses worked on wools, which he sees as an extension of mark making using pen and paper.

Our challenge this week was to draw on Richard's love of stitching, paying attention to time and labour that encourages us to slow down and explore the tenderness and rhythms of hand stitching through an activity exploring couching. I found the process very relaxing.
My first attempt at couching. First part of challenge was to stitch a few samples, I chose 2” x 1 3/4”.
Straight stitch using knitting and sock wool.
Jacobean or Trellis stitch using variegated Sashiko and black embroidery threads.
Random stitching using various threads.
My final piece is a door from a jigsaw puzzle.
I enjoy photographing doors and windows, wherever I travel to I look for them and wonder what is happening behind them.
DMC variegated perle and embroidery threads. I enjoyed the process so much so that I sat for 2 days stitching and couldn't put it down.

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Monday, April 13, 2020


A change of scenery for our walk this morning, along the foreshore path of the mouth of the river leading into the bay.
Very few walkers today though we did see 2 water police on their jet skis cruising the shoreline.
The path is lined with lovely Banksia trees.

 A lovely morning weather wise with a slight breeze.
The pelicans sunning themselves.