Tuesday, March 24, 2020

The Things You Think Of...

Today is Day 6 of our isolation and our days have been full if you can call it that. We are lucky that we have a backyard garden to walk around, those who live in a unit or high rise apartment are not so lucky. They may have a small balcony to retreat to.
I am not watching the TV, perhaps part of a midday movie while eating our lunch and sometimes watch a British game show at 3pm called Tipping Point, only because the virus is not mentioned but overall the TV is not turned on....except the next day's weather report.
Last night watching the weather report, I noticed Sunrise was 7.26am and Sunset was 7.26pm!!

Yesterday evening we saw a report by our State Premier announcing the lock down of our state. He was very calm yet stern in his speech. The thought came...I wonder if at home he is as calm when arguing with his wife and children.

I mentioned to my friend that I tried before we went on holidays to buy self raising flour, couldn't as all stock was gone. I stood in the checkout isle and a lady 2 in front of me, had several packets of flour. When asked was she going to do some baking....yes I am going to make bread....you do know you need yeast...no I didn't... so she left the 6 packets with the cashier. I asked if I could have one .....no, I know how to make bread came the answer from the cashier.

I spent yesterday looking at recipes for flourless cookies, then received a text from my friend to say she was on her way around to drop off a packet of wholemeal SR flour next to my letterbox. Very excited. We stood out the front of my house, John in the driveway, she on the footpath and me on the lawn. If I move 2 feet across it would be an isosceles triangle....no...John said..an equilateral triangle... the things you think of.
Do you think our pets can feel the tension and stress at the moment? Emma made her bed, went to the kitchen and wondered where Harvey was. He had gone into her bedroom, pulled apart her made bed and made a nest for himself. He is being very clingy at the moment, perhaps he can feel how stressed Emma is at work at the hospital.

I washed and santised my hands this morning and while washing, sang Happy Birthday to my friend Jeanette for today....twice.
John is working on his computer during the day with conference calls to work, he is at one end of our dining room table, me at the other end doing some book binding, reading my library eBook and making my daily SM's. At the end of our 14 days the first thing we are going to do is walk the path by the river,
Stay safe everyone.


  1. Day 6 already! Nearly half way.

    Glad you got some flour. I saw someone online lamenting that they could only get plain flour and asking if anyone would swap some plain for SR. She obviously didn't know that you can make SR from plain. Sad the things that kids don't learn now that there is no home ec classes!

  2. Of course an equilateral triangle is just a special isosceles triangle, so you were correct.
    Thank you for the song, the whole world is singing to me today!

  3. TV is full of doom and gloom - very depressing. Better not to watch all of it.

  4. Our life is much the same and we are not even on lockdown yet! If I had flour I'd be baking and then EATING and I don't want that!

  5. Your week will be over soon. Good luck with the shopping when you get there.