Sunday, March 29, 2020

Happy and Bright

Woke to a sunrise this morning that was enough to put a smile on our faces. A thunderstorm is  predicted, hope so as it will water the garden for us. Yesterday our neighbour dangled a bucket over the fence with a few vegetable seedlings he had no room for in his garden. In our court, everyone generally just waves as they go past, this last week there has been a lot of kindness between each other, checking that everyone is ok and if there is anything we can do for each other.

The marigolds have self seeded in our veggie garden.
Another flush on my Just Joey rose.
I must look up a recipe for stuffed zucchini flowers.
Went through the pantry and had ingredients for peanut butter cookies. I have not made them for probably 20+ years. We are not big sweet biscuit eaters, they will go into the deep freeze. You never know when we may want a little something to have with a coffee.

A few drops of rain started, our cars are covered in dust, backed them down the driveway, hoping the rain would wash off the dust, as soon as we did, it stopped raining....
Patience has now paid off, it is raining very hard.

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

No Shopping.....Yet

Halfway through our isolation, this time next week I will be writing a shopping list for “potential” items that I may be able to buy at the supermarket. Not that I am counting, but 10.30 am next Thursday morning we can “cross the property boundary “. 
I am trying to be inventive with what I have in my pantry/freezer to make it through one more week.

Dinner last night.
2 frozen sheets of puff pastry left in packet.
Placed in my blender, can of drained rinsed chick peas, grated zucchini, slice of bacon, chopped spring onion, garlic, parsley, sage, mini red capsicums and a large dollop of chilli sauce....blend together and I made 2 large “veggie sausage” rolls. Baked in oven.
Picked cherry tomatoes From the garden and together with some button mushrooms made a sauce. It was delicious, and enough for 2 meals.

Had one sachet of instant vegetable soup for 2 in pantry, mixed with a can of tomatoes and added grated vegetables from the garden. 2 bread rolls from the freezer.

My Zucchini and Walnut cake still tastes good substituted with sultanas and wholemeal SRflour.

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

The Things You Think Of...

Today is Day 6 of our isolation and our days have been full if you can call it that. We are lucky that we have a backyard garden to walk around, those who live in a unit or high rise apartment are not so lucky. They may have a small balcony to retreat to.
I am not watching the TV, perhaps part of a midday movie while eating our lunch and sometimes watch a British game show at 3pm called Tipping Point, only because the virus is not mentioned but overall the TV is not turned on....except the next day's weather report.
Last night watching the weather report, I noticed Sunrise was 7.26am and Sunset was 7.26pm!!

Yesterday evening we saw a report by our State Premier announcing the lock down of our state. He was very calm yet stern in his speech. The thought came...I wonder if at home he is as calm when arguing with his wife and children.

I mentioned to my friend that I tried before we went on holidays to buy self raising flour, couldn't as all stock was gone. I stood in the checkout isle and a lady 2 in front of me, had several packets of flour. When asked was she going to do some baking....yes I am going to make do know you need I didn't... so she left the 6 packets with the cashier. I asked if I could have one, I know how to make bread came the answer from the cashier.

I spent yesterday looking at recipes for flourless cookies, then received a text from my friend to say she was on her way around to drop off a packet of wholemeal SR flour next to my letterbox. Very excited. We stood out the front of my house, John in the driveway, she on the footpath and me on the lawn. If I move 2 feet across it would be an isosceles equilateral triangle... the things you think of.
Do you think our pets can feel the tension and stress at the moment? Emma made her bed, went to the kitchen and wondered where Harvey was. He had gone into her bedroom, pulled apart her made bed and made a nest for himself. He is being very clingy at the moment, perhaps he can feel how stressed Emma is at work at the hospital.

I washed and santised my hands this morning and while washing, sang Happy Birthday to my friend Jeanette for today....twice.
John is working on his computer during the day with conference calls to work, he is at one end of our dining room table, me at the other end doing some book binding, reading my library eBook and making my daily SM's. At the end of our 14 days the first thing we are going to do is walk the path by the river,
Stay safe everyone.

Monday, March 23, 2020

Myanmar Memories

Waking each morning to beautiful sunrises.
Stupas, temples and red dust.
Welcome dinner in the stunning cafe of The Strand Hotel, Yangon.
Scenic Aura
Woodwork carvings in Magwe.
Orchids and markets.
Gold against a blue sky.
Cruising the Irrawaddy River.
Colours and textures
Tricycle ride.
Expression of WOW!!!
 Beautiful people of Myanmar, always waving and smiling.
Everyday life.
 Farewell dinner in Yangon
Watching the sun go down on a wonderful week.

Sunday, March 22, 2020


We walked ashore at Salay, a resident village founded in the 13th century with Bagan-ers shrines, beautiful teak monasteries and preserved British Colonial buildings.
We walked along the street next to the river, admiring many of the Brisitsh-era colonial buildings before turning away from the river to visit the beautiful Yoke Soun Kyaung Taw Gyi wooden monastery.

Bagan 2

We returned to Bagan as the cruise was finishing here.
The excursion was spent on a horse and cart ride around the temples.

Due to the cancellation, we were unable to do a sunrise hot air balloon ride over the stupas and temples. I have never experienced one before so it was with mixed emotions when told, not sure whether disappointment or slight relief.

Looking a bit worse for wear and covered in red dust. I wore wear white in the heat to physiologically hope the intense sun would reflect off...
 We visited the archaeological zone. Lost cities abound in Myanmar. Once a thriving metropolis of between 50,000 and 200,000 people, Bagan dazzled Marco Polo, who described it's gilded skyline as "one of the finest sights in the world". Monks ad scholars from across Asia came here to study philosophy, law, grammar, astrology and medicine with religion permeating every aspect of life.
 Burmese writing is fascinating. One round symbol can have 3 meanings as it can be pronounced 3 ways. eg, child, family and daughter/son of.... the letter A can be pronounced ah, aaahh or e.
 The museum.

 Textures of the museum.