Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Australia Day Long Weekend - Part 1

Our 3 day weekend was decided at the last minute. Australia Day, celebrated on 26 January was a Sunday this year.
A road trip to South Australia, staying in the Adelaide Hills, started at 6am up the Western Highway.
First rest stop was to view the Pink Lake Lochiel Lake Reserve north of Dimboola.
The brightness of the pink varies according to the level of rainfall. The colour is the result of a pigment produced by the Salinibacter bacteria. Salt has been harvested from the lake since the 1860's with an average of 20 tonnes each year by the Mount Zero Olive company
Stop 2 was to see the Coonalpyn Painted Silo, Duke Highway, S.A..
The murals depict a  tribute to five School children, whose images will now live on in the history of the town forever. The children are in various poses with two children looking to be actually drawing onto the face of two of the silos.
The artist Guiido van Helten, said the children represent the future of the town and he hoped the giant art work might inspire those children and others "to a path through creative industries".

Mosaic Mural, Coonalpyn, local flora and fauna.

We also noticed this eagle face on a fence. Made up of small painted metal oblongs bent over the wire of the fence.

Stop 3 was 49km north east of Murray Bridge to view the Karoonda painted silo by renowned street artist Heesco Khosnaran.
The painting depicts rural life in the Mallee. At night the silos are lit by a laser light show.
Next stop was the village of Hahndorf where we stayed for 2 nights.

Long Drive - Part 2

The village of Hahndorf, settled by 19th century Lutherin migrants, is known for it's original German-style architecture and artisan food. The sandstone buildings covered by vine leaves are beautiful and the trees are starting to change color.

 The main street is a shopper's haven for tourists.
I chatted with a lovely Japanese lady and her German husband, they were selling Japanese fabrics, kits, notions and threads, of which I bought 4 autumn tone thread packs for my bookbinding.
Also some nougat and a couple of locally produced cheeses came home with us. 

Sunday morning after breakfast, we programmed the navigator and headed south to the coastal town of Victor Harbour.....well that was an event in itself... The Santos 6 stage bike ride was on and many of the main roads were closed due to the thousands of riders. We eventually found a different back route towards the coast to our destination.
I was fed up with our navigator repeatedly saying "recalculate" and "do a U-turn"
 From the harbour waterfront, horse-drawn trams cross the causeway to Granite Island, home to a wild penguin colony.We decided to walk the bridge.

Offshore, southern right whales frequent the waters to Encounter Bay.

 Interesting oar sculpture by Rebecca Rose, New Zealand.
Each time the sun came out from behind the clouds, the rock boulders glowed.
 I decided to sit below while John explored the top of the island.

 Atlantic Gull
 Clusters of these lilies were growing on the island, being a bulb, they would have been hand planted.
Our drive finally got us back to Handorf via MacLaren Vale, home to many vineyards. Unfortunately we could not stop due to the bike riders heading home from their day of racing. Instead enjoyed a bottle of wine over dinner as our accommodation was within walking.

As South Australia is 30 minutes behind Melbourne time, our body clocks woke us at 5.30am. We decided to head off as the long weekend was coming to a close and there would be many cars on the road home.
Surprisingly there were very few cars. Despite stopping to fill the car, coffee, breakfast with a couple of breaks on the way to change drivers, we made it to Ballarat for lunch.
The sunrise was a beautiful orange pink. As I took this photo we hit a bump in the road.....
Our weekend drive clocked up 1,708 kms.

Monday, January 20, 2020

Circle Challenge

2019 Tokyo Quilt Festival, I met with my blogging friends for the day, Queenie, Tanya and Julie.
Each year of attendance they set a challenge for each other to bring along to the next festival in Tokyo. I was invited to do the challenge of CIRCLES.
Unfortunately I am unable to attend this year.

I decided to make a concertina button book. It was very difficult to find a large enough button with soft colours to match the theme. I will keep looking and change the cover if I find 2 buttons to match.
In reality, the button is not as bright as in the photo.

 Couldn't find another button, instead covered the original with fabric..

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Facade Patterns

Spent a happy day with 2 friends in the city.
An exhibition visit, lovely lunch and companionship chatting.
Saw different facade patterns on buildings.

Sunday, January 12, 2020

January Book Challenge - In Between

January challenge for #areyoubookenough is titled In-Between
I thought on this and the first thing that came to mind was maybe a planned week to attend the Yokohama Quilt Festival in June. I haven't visited Japan in Summer before. 
My book using the images of the calendar is titled "Seasons".
I have visited in both Winter and Autumn but haven't in the seasons between.
Japanese Binding.
Nezu Shrine.
A torii is a traditional Japanese gate most commonly found at the entrance of or within a Shinto shrine, where it symbolically marks the transition from the mundane to the sacred.
4.5 x 5 inches
Entering the season through the gate.

I now have to post a video on the group site, my first attempt at doing it.
May need to some help, difficult trying to turn the pages and film at the same time.