Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Summer Lunch

A pleasant 90 minute drive up the Hume Highway, with a walk around Nagambie Lake followed by a relaxing lunch at Tahbilk winery overlooking the Goulburn River.
After yesterday’s heat of 44 degrees here at home, the cool breeze coming in over the river was a relief. Surrounded by swaying gum trees, a lovely way to spend New Years Eve afternoon.
 Nagambie Lake, popular for water sports and water skiing. 
Lovely tiles adorn the old building next to the bakery.

 Modern ceramic leaf tiles on the amenities block.

The land around the vineyard was once covered with gigantic red river gums, scattered tussock grass, succulent pig face, saltbush, yam daisy and native honeysuckle.
Since the Purbrick families ownership in 1925, Tahbilk has been working to restore the delicate balance once known by the Daungwurrung clans.
 Chateau Tahbilk, established in 1860, the Tower and Still House. The ground and first floor of the Tower were used for vintage, the second floor for storing oats and the third was described as an observation room.
Leachings we’re drained into the Still House to make brandy.
The Stables.

 Overlooking the Goulburn River from the cafe.
Surrounding the cafe there is an Eco Walk of the Tahbilk Wetlands.
Crossing the boundary into the vineyard, the lagoon is a mass of water lily.


  1. That is a long way to go for lunch! Someone must really like driving. The destination is beautiful, I remember visiting the vineyard as a child on a family holiday. It seemed quite exotic then.

  2. That is a long trip for lunch! But at least you had a nice day for it, and that looks like a lovely spot.