Thursday, November 21, 2019

Tea Bag Prints

I collected a few tea bags from my room in Tokyo with the intention of using them in my printing.
I also have Rasberry flavoured tea bags to try.
All the leaves were soaked in the diluted iron solution.
I added one of each to the pot of simmering water just to see what would happen to the card stock.
Instead of using kitchen paper towel in between the layers I inserted sheets of A5 photocopy paper.
The tea bag water coloured the edges of the pieces, a very different effect to other times without it.
 Banksia on paper and card (below)

Banksia on paper. 
The pale squares in the background are from the 4 inch cover cards that I am making for Fibre Arts in April. I quite like the effect.
 Heather, my friend, gave me a couple of stems from her walnut tree to try. I have walnut water from another wool thread dyeing session, will try it also.
Walnut on paper
 Gum and rose leaves on card.

I have more leaves soaking, didn't want to risk dyeing today as it is a "fire danger day" in the state of Victoria. Thinking of all those who have been affected by the bush fires in several states of our country. It is frightening as summer has not yet begun.


  1. We had a shocking dust storm today. A very weird day...

  2. You got some great results with this tea technique.

  3. The speckles add an extra dimension, especially on the rose leaves. Really nice.
    Far too hot to do too much at all today. The fires and resulting dust and smoke are dreadful.

  4. Very nice results on this experiment.

  5. So many to choose. Love the middle one of the first three.