Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Steamed not Boiled

I tried a new method. Banksia, braken fern, gum, oak and a type of maple leaf.
1. Soaked sheets of card in a solution of alum, vinegar and soda ash for 3 hours.

Placed a half brick in the pot and instead of using wood panels, tried cardboard instead. 
Steamed for approx 2 hours. The leaves had been soaking in iron,vinegar with water solution.
After the process peeled off the wet leaves.
 They dried lighter in colour. After trimming the folded card will be used for book covers.

2. Next process was to steam card that had not been soaked in the solution, with the iron soaked leaves using the wood panels. Surprised at the difference in results with the colour.

 These single card will be used for Japanese bound book covers.
Next experiment is to use Queen Anne's Lace that I collected on a drive today.


  1. That's interesting- the steaming seems to give deeper colours.

  2. You are doing lots of interesting experiments with this dyeing technique. The overlapping leaf shapes give an impression of movement.

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  4. Sorry, Late night and my fingers are not obeying