Friday, November 29, 2019

Stitch Meditations

 SM 322
 SM 323
 SM 324
 SM 325
 SM 326
 SM 327
 SM 328
 SM 329
 SM 330
SM 331

Sunday, November 24, 2019

Sassafras Wander

We drove to Sassafras to the Paper Cloth Studio, where a small artisan market was held in the front grounds. I follow this studio on social media, Jo the studio manager, is an eco dye, paper maker and callographer teacher and as I am interested in all, we decided to go for our  drive to visit.
I chatted with Jo for quite a while, she was so generous giving me her time, knowledge and encouragement when I showed her some photos of my handmade books. The small market sold beautiful handmade crafts.
 After, we wandered across the road to the Coach Road track, taking in the beautiful bush setting. Loved this front gate as we passed.

 It wasn't till after I took the photo of the flower that I was told of the skink lizard sunning itself on the rock. When I saw it I jumped!!! Despite their tiny size, I am scared of them. My childhood was spent being frightened by my brother and cousin, putting them in my shoes and bed. 

Thursday, November 21, 2019

Tea Bag Prints

I collected a few tea bags from my room in Tokyo with the intention of using them in my printing.
I also have Rasberry flavoured tea bags to try.
All the leaves were soaked in the diluted iron solution.
I added one of each to the pot of simmering water just to see what would happen to the card stock.
Instead of using kitchen paper towel in between the layers I inserted sheets of A5 photocopy paper.
The tea bag water coloured the edges of the pieces, a very different effect to other times without it.
 Banksia on paper and card (below)

Banksia on paper. 
The pale squares in the background are from the 4 inch cover cards that I am making for Fibre Arts in April. I quite like the effect.
 Heather, my friend, gave me a couple of stems from her walnut tree to try. I have walnut water from another wool thread dyeing session, will try it also.
Walnut on paper
 Gum and rose leaves on card.

I have more leaves soaking, didn't want to risk dyeing today as it is a "fire danger day" in the state of Victoria. Thinking of all those who have been affected by the bush fires in several states of our country. It is frightening as summer has not yet begun.

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Stitch Meditations

 SM 313
 SM 314
 SM 315
 SM 316
SM 317
 SM 318
SM 319
 SM 320
SM 321

Sunday, November 17, 2019

Red Hill

Our Sunday drive took us to the other side of the city to the Mornington Peninsula area of Red Hill.
Lunch at the local cafe then spent some time fossicking for leaves for eco printing this week.
I would like to try using blackberry leaves, there were signs along the road saying that they had been sprayed. Must find some in someone’s garden that are a weed and not wanted.
The sea breeze was cool and crisp.
 A stroll along the beach, we could see the city outline in the distance across the bay.

These rusted chains could be used for dyeing fabric if they were wrapped with strips of calico.

 I don’t think I have ever seen gum leaves on a beach foreshore before.
My vase of leaves and foliage I came home with.

Thursday, November 14, 2019

Binding Books

It has been a quiet week,  binding card stock that I have printed and generally pottering in the garden.
The freesias and bulbs have all finished and the process of drying out has started. Will have to start collecting seeds. More veggie seedlings planted and my roses are being deadheaded after the wind has blown the petals off. 

Stitch Meditations still on the go with 48 till the end of the year to stitch. 
Christmas is not that far away and the first of John's work dinners/lunches have already started.
I attended the first last night. Thankfully my one and only. A great evening of seafood and company overlooking Williamstown foreshore towards the city.

Walking back to the car, this clothing alteration shop has a lovely collection of sewing machines in the window.
 Card stock pieces bound with Japanese bindings.
 Covered in fine wool eco dyed fabric and coptic bound.
The book can be used either way.

 15cm x 15cm (6"x 6") books

10cm x 10cm (4" x 4")
....and that's another week nearly gone.