Thursday, October 24, 2019

Tokyo - October 16

Our week started with a midnight flight arriving at 8.30 am. After dropping our bags off at the hotel , we wandered the Ginza area with the intention of finding the meeting point for Emma's day tour to Mt Fuji and beyond, a 15 minute walk away.
 The station, at the heart Marunouchi, turned 100 in 2014. 
It is an elegant red brick building with a beautifully restored dome.
The impression I got was one of Wedgewood china in pattern.

We went to dinner at the small cafe out the front, using the vending machine to order our Udon Beef noodles. Then an early night after a long day.
SM 288


  1. That ceiling dome is beautiful!

  2. A fun start to you holiday and a most suitable SM.

  3. What! You are in Tokyo? Sorry for all the rain.

  4. At first quick glance I thought it was Melbourne's railway station. It's amazing how our brains interpret things. SM 288 is great.

  5. I’m just getting to your Japan trip! You did miss the typhoon though I guess there was rain enough afterwards. I’m trying to work out the dates that you were in Japan and when my son was here... he came on the 11th... til ?