Sunday, October 27, 2019

Senso-ji - October 20

After lunch we visited Senso-ji temple along with the many thousands as it was a public holiday weekend. It doesn't need to be a holiday, it is always packed with visitors.
Overlooking the precinct from the 8th floor cafe of the Visitors Bureau.
The green roofs are the bustling shopping street known as Nakamise-dori. There are stalls selling all sorts of things from souvenirs, genuine Edo style crafts to sweets.

Kaminarimon, entrance to the temple precinct.
Five-storey pagoda.
According to legend, in AD 628, two fishermen brothers pulled a golden image of Kannon (the Buddhist Goddess of Mercy) out of the nearby Sumida-gawa (river). The temple was built to enshrine it. Founded more than 1000 years before Tokyo got it's start.
Before the main hall, pay Y100 for an omikuji (fortune). Shake the silver canister and extract a stick, noting its number (in kanji). Find the matching drawer and withdraw a paper fortune, (English on the back). If you get a bad one, tie the paper on the nearby rack, asks the gods for better luck and try again.

SM 292


  1. I hope you received a good omikuji. Thanks again for taking me along on another trip. I see so much of the world via your camera and my computer.

  2. I like the idea of rejecting fortunes you don't like, and getting another!

    How do those women tie their obis up in such intricate designs? Someone else must do the tying?

  3. That is a huge crowd at the temple. The shopping strip must have been doing a roaring trade as would all the delicious food places. Even though it is a tourist hub, the worshipers still go about their devotions which is impressive.

  4. Kaminarimon is another favorite place! Always so much to see but too many people!