Sunday, October 27, 2019

Paper - October 21

 "Ozu Washi" was established as a paper wholesale store called "Ozuya" in Nihombashi in 1653.
The company has been in this original location for more than 360 years.
 In the gallery, a variety of exhibitions of Shodo (calligraphy), paintings and paper art are held.
Unfortunately no photography allowed in any of the areas.
 Handmade paper can be experienced.

 2 streets from Tokyo Station is another stationary store.

This store in Ginza is a favourite, I have purchased here on several occasions.
 Sheets of paper that I came with.

Even the wrapping paper is lovely.
I was given a sample of the blue washi paper at the museum.

 Dinner that night was in Memory Lane in Shinjuku.
 A narrow street, it is home to around 60 small bars where locals continue to go.
The lane has roots which date back to the 1940's post war Tokyo. This was a place known for black market traders. With time, the area changed from a dark alleyway full of street vendors to a place of permanent structures.
In 1999, a fire destroyed the area and the whole maze needed to be rebuilt.
 We squeezed into a very narrow bench area, welcomed by locals.
 The best tasting dumplings we have ever had.
Surrounded by smoke and steam, it was a great experience.
Emma's first time to Japan, I hoped I showed her a week of both the modern and the cultural.
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  1. Lovely interesting places and you and Emma have a strong family resemblance.

  2. Beautiful papers you came home with!

    You really make me want to go to Japan - it all looks wonderful in your posts.

  3. Japanese paper - perfect for you.

  4. Gyoza! I didn’t realize it was your daughter’s first trip to Japan. I hope she’ll want to come back again!