Thursday, October 31, 2019

Paper Exhibition

I took the train to the other side of the city to visit The Valda Quick Paper Arts Biennial exhibition by the Papermakers of Victoria.
22 October - 3 November
Mon - Fri 9am - 5pm
Box Hill Community Arts Centre, 470 Station St, Box Hill Vic.
 The fourth Valda Quick exhibition showcasing the intriguing work of the Papermakers of Victoria members and includes framed, unframed wall pieces, sculptures and artists books. 

 There a selection of beautiful handmade paper books.

 All these small books were made to be stored in a covered matchbox.

 Blue as Cobra Poison by Barb Adams

 Shades of Gingko by Tricia Alexander 

 Hidden Pigment by Anne Thoday 
 Seaside Sentinel by Barb Adams 
 Stitched Shibori Collection by Leanne Poole

The exhibition was excellent and worth the 65 minute train trip (quicker than driving my car).


  1. Looks like an interesting exhibition that was worth the trip. Have to love the ginkgo one!

  2. OK matchbox size books are insane. Although they could probably be smaller. There is a strong overlap between paper making and textile arts.
    Thank you for the report, I might just make it there tomorrow.

  3. It was interesting to see the matchbox books as that folded style is still very common in Japan when a speech is given. It is a very compact way to read a speech in Japanese.