Sunday, September 22, 2019

Week of Bits and Pieces

It was one of those weeks where you think, where has it gone!! Looking back I must have done something to make it fly by. Apart from the usual "domestic duties" of housework, shopping, SM's, daily walk etc have now realised that yes, I didn't spend it sitting around.
 I added some stitches to a piece of dyed printed fabric and made a new cover for my travel notebook. Prior to travelling I spend quite a lot of time researching the areas and this is book No 4.
 Keron told me about these A5 zipped pockets that can be bought at Officeworks. Unfortunately our local store didn't sell them, found them at another branch, a 30 minute drive in the sunshine to buy some and stop for a coffee..

 We planted a Camellia "Roger Hall". 
Collecting tea bag strings for Jo's friend, storing them on my teapot spout.. 
 An afternoon of eco dyeing 5 inch squares of paper for bookmaking.
I was intending to re enroll in the Intermediate Bookmaking 6 week class, not to be as I then realised it had already started the previous week....perhaps next year.

 Kitchen paper towel laid between the pages.
 Each Easter I don't receive chocolate Easter eggs from family, I am given bulbs.
A few years ago I received yellow tulips, left them in the pot, surprised that this one has popped up and flowered.
 2019 East received these tulips, they have a frill edge.
 Due to both, hand problems and loss of interest, I have not made a quilt in approx 2 years. A close friend is about to become a Grandmother for the first time, I offered to make her daughter a quilt, she is expecting a little girl. Very plain and simple, thank you Judy from Wheatsheaf Quilting for quilting it for me. Will do the binding this week.
 The reverse side of the quilt.
 My orange Clivias are flowering. At a plant swap at rose garden I was given a piece, the volunteer didn't know what colour it was. Perhaps lemon or yellow? Will have to wait a week till it opens.

Spent a morning weeding in the garden, new apricot tree losing it's blossoms. As it is the first year, the fruit may be quite small.
 I had a frame under the spare bed and framed a piece of fine wool dyeing.
That was my week,,,,,,,


  1. That looks like a full week to me!

    The baby quilt is very sweet, and that's cute backing fabric, too. The flower quilting is lovely on it.

    Your new tulips look amazing - I hope you will post a picture once they are fully open.

  2. Yep, a very busy and productive week. The quilt looks very snuggly, just the right amount of stitching and the colours are very fresh.
    You have a lot to go on with your eco dyeing and book making. Perhaps it was meant to be that you are not taking another class for the time being. But don't forget next year!

  3. Very productive and you should be very happy with the quilt you made.

  4. The garden is starting to know it's spring

  5. You have been keeping busy! Your baby quilt is so nice and refreshing. The colors are just lovely and the backing is really a fun one for a child. It is sometimes nice to have an excuse to make something not too large and difficult!