Tuesday, September 3, 2019

River Walk

A beautiful predicted 19 degrees called for my daily walk to return to the River.
 The primary school I worked at, backs onto the river, received Monday morning phone calls from parents saying that their child had hurt themselves on the swinging rope.

 A peaceful stroll along the walking path.
Suburbia along the river's edge.
Predicted temperature for today is 21 degrees....
another river walk in a different direction is on the cards. 


  1. It is wonderful to have places like this to walk.

    Our top yesterday was only 14 point something, and today is forecast as 17. So about 4 degrees cooler than you each day.

  2. What a tranquil place to walk ansd explore nature.

  3. Rope swinging sounds like fun... something that might need parental permission and a change of clothing when the child falls into the water!

  4. Flowing water provides an interesting path for a walk.