Thursday, August 29, 2019

Thinking Ahead

My Stitch Meditation book is coming to an end for 2019. 
I have had it rebound to deal with 365 SM's.
 It is rather thick.

I would like to continue with my stitching each day and have been thinking ahead to 2020.
The lady at the front of store at Target often hands me a catalogue, saying "there may be something you can use in this one."
To make the day pieces smaller, I have been thinking of using small cardboard tags. I enjoy the challenge of finding a paper image with fabric, so may continue on with the idea......
I have found the process helpful for keeping my mind active and to stop me just sitting and doing nothing during the day. Life is far too short....

Finished a Coptic bound book 4 1/2 inches square using kitchen towel paper for back and front covers. The paper was placed in between fabrics when dyeing and took up the leaves pattern


  1. Don't say the year is coming to an end yet! I was imagining there was about half of it left, but obviously that was wrong.

    Your "in between" papers printed beautifully and look great as the book covers.

  2. Good to see you are enjoying this craft so much. Your book covers look fantastic. I'm sure you will think of something to continue with.

  3. Great way to use those paper towel bits! My own paper quilt diary is down to the last few pages and I am looking around to what I will do next. The maker was something called "Keynotes" and I don't know if they still exist or if they make the same product. I saw once some ring binder with a place to put pictures and fabric samples, but how many pages would I buy, and how long would the makers continue the product? Probably better to figure our something that works for me.

  4. I look forward to seeing what you choose as a new focus in the future.

  5. Looking through your book must give you such satisfaction to just flip through. And inspiration for others with so many colors and textures to explore!