Thursday, August 22, 2019

Tessellations by Rose Kulak

This afternoon I caught the tram to Johnson Street, Collingwood to view an exhibition at the BlackCat Gallery. 
Tessellation is a collection of  8 botanical contact print textiles, inspired by plant materials foraged from Darebin Parkland and surrounds. The parkland is a 33 hectares area of inner Melbourne bushland through which the Darebin Creek runs. 

 The parkland also contains the Spiritual Healing Trail - a gift from the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community as a gesture of reconciliation.
 Near the start of the trail is a tessellated rock pavement on the creek bed - the inspiration  for the name of this exhibition. 
 Wool, silk, cotton, botanical contact print, hand stitched and mounted on A3 and A4 100% recycled cotton rag paper.
Botanical contact printing is a technique involving plant material, heat and pressure to create a mark on a substrate, in this case natural fibre cloths. The colours are the result of the reaction between the plants, the cloth and sometimes the rust from found objects. 


  1. You must have found these inspiring. The overlapping contact prints are really successful.

  2. Amazing what can come from nature ... if you know how to do it.

  3. Jenni when you first started the stitched meditations I wondered about them but you now have me completely hooked and fascinated and impressed with the growth of your ideas